Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

64 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 Always working to surpass client expectations, the team ensure they are attentive to customer feedback and that every client gets the professional attention they deserve. In 2020, YCW achieved an impressive 99.2% happiness rating from its customers. If you’re looking for a Trusted IT Security & Support Partner, contact YCW for a coffee and an online chat. Contact: Company: Your Cloud Works Limited Web Address: Milton Keynes IT company, Your Cloud Works Ltd, was founded in 2010. Its name was born of a vision that in the near future all businesses would be running cloud-based IT solutions. In truth, Managing Director, Tony Capewell and his team weren’t far off the mark. 11 years on, the company supports cloud solutions for hundreds of satisfied customers. Most of us love the benefits that computers bring to our lives and businesses. But that love rarely extends to the computers themselves. Especially if something goes wrong. As we rely more and more on technology it becomes increasingly more important that it runs smoothly. Issues that take time to resolve are not only frustrating but can often lead to financial implications that don’t bear thinking about. Fortunately, the founder of Your Cloud Works Ltd (YCW), Tony Capewell, has never fallen out of love with computers. In a career spanning over 25 years, he’s not had the chance to get bored. The industry is always evolving, presenting new and exciting possibilities all the time. YCW is on a mission to spread IT happiness to all its clients. The company provides IT Security, IT Support and Cloud Solutions to the SME market. Tony explains, “We enjoy solving IT business problems and coming up with tailor- made solutions that bring real value. For us, good business is about looking after our clients and understanding what they need, not bombarding them with jargon and adding unnecessary extras.” The company prides itself on its friendly and personal approach. The team aim to be totally transparent with their clients from first contact. Having the understanding that each business is unique is central to YCW’s process. Taking the time to get to know each organisation from the inside out is a given. In Tony’s words, “IT should empower your business to achieve its full potential. You shouldn’t need to worry about hardware failures, things not working, or hackers.” YCW’s proactive, intuitive approach, means clients are able to enjoy all the features the Cloud has to offer, safe in the knowledge that their data is completely secure. Best IT Security & Support Services Provider 2021 The advice that YCW offers to start-up businesses is to not rush into any decisions. Tony tells us, “Getting the right advice at the start can make a real difference to your new business. What you do, and how you want to do it should be central to the choices you make when setting up your IT infrastructure. The right technology choices at the start of a new business venture can make all the difference. 20 years ago we were a start-up business. We’ve now helped many entrepreneurs get their new businesses started with the right technology solutions.” YCW offers a simple yet comprehensive range of IT Security and Support packages. Cyber Essentials Certification is provided as standard. With security as the primary focus, packages include the best layers of cyber protection for devices, networks and staff. Oct21060