Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

67 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 Marble Media is a digital performance marketing consultancy focusing on digital marketing strategy and management, primarily in the paid media space. Since launching in 2020, Marble Media has grown to manage over £2 million of media spend per year. Marble Media delivers digital performance marketing and media services for small and medium-sized businesses. While working closely with businesses, the company provides consultancy and management of digital media channels. Whether an objective is a new customer acquisition, growing a brand’s reach, or increasing revenue, Marble Media offers strategic approaches to align with its client’s business goals. Marble Media’s clients are primarily based in the Northwest; however, the Covid-19 pandemic led to increased opportunities further afield as the workplace transitioned to online. As a result, the company now works with clients worldwide, operating in Australia, Canada, and the USA. Founder and Head of Digital Performance Rob Slater explains, “Our data-led approach means we analyse customer journeys and user behaviour to help businesses make smarter decisions to capitalise on new opportunities. Our mantra of exploring and testing digital has allowed us to scale numerous brands and businesses to year-on-year growth despite economic uncertainty.” Fuelling the core of the business is a desire to offer more effective digital marketing services that are better aligned with the clients’ objectives and doesn’t blow the budget. Thus, making Marble Media particularly well-suited to working with start-ups, scaleups and recently established businesses looking to move into new markets. Overall, the goal for Marble Media is to continue delivering value to its clients, hitting KPI targets, and ensuring that it is on top of all best practices, particularly in paid media. Best Digital Performance Marketing Company – Northwest “I founded Marble Media last year after seeing an opportunity to offer digital performance marketing management in a different way to normal agencies, and it’s this that makes us stand out,” explains Rob. Marble Media offers one-on- one consultancy and management, harnessing technology and automation to help deliver on performance targets – without the need for bloated teams. Its business model allows for creativity and flexibility and enables the company to integrate into in-house teams more efficiently, working intimately with key decision-makers in the business. “Business has become decentralised, opening up new opportunities both nationwide and internationally, and allowing for much more efficient workflows. This, in turn, has allowed for easier ways of working, with clients more open to working with businesses without a face-to-face meeting,” explains Rob. Essentially, this has fast-tracked Marble Media’s growth and many other businesses in similar industries. There are many benefits to operating in the North; the dynamism, innovation, and spirit of collaboration between companies that you can find there are three of the most significant factors. Additionally, Rob adds, “There are great co- working spaces and industry events, access to talent, and there is a fantastic start-up and scaleup culture here as well.” Fundamentally, it has everything a person needs for a business to thrive. Marble Media is currently looking to continue working with exciting, innovative businesses who inspire the company to keep learning and growing, ensuring it can remain at the cutting edge of digital performance marketing. Rob explains, “We hope that next year will consolidate the growth and foundations we have laid so far. As everything begins opening back up, we’re looking forward to getting out to events and meeting clients across the UK and internationally.” Rob believes that digital and tech will be at the forefront of economic recovery, creating an exciting time to work within the digital performance space. Whilst Marble Media has been crowned the best digital performance marketing company in the Northwest, rest assured, the company will be at the forefront of the industry, taking over globally in no time. Company: Marble Media Name: Rob Slater Email: Web Address: Oct21330