Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

68 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 fantastic Christmas and corporate packages available upon request.” Contact: Lorraine de Bernard Company: Web Address: Address: Norwich, Norfolk Starting a new business is always a gamble, however when the pandemic struck, Lorraine de Bernard decided that she had nothing to lose and took the plunge. Her skincare brand,, has since gone from strength to strength and is positively thriving. We find out more about what it has to offer. Based in Norfolk, BourneBeauty. com is a niche boutique British skincare brand which was launched during the height of the pandemic by Lorraine de Bernard and business partner, Lee Morgan. Having started in the industry at the age of just sixteen in Selfridges, Lorraine brings more than 35 years’ worth of experience to the UK with her unique skincare experience. “We not only provide state of the art skincare but a revival of good old-fashioned customer service with products that are elite and, without doubt, pure excellence,” she explains. “Our values are highly respected in the beauty industry.” boasts three premium skincare ranges: the Elite range is suitable for the 30 plus age group; the Verdant range caters for the 20 plusses; and the Bourne and Bred range speaks for itself, being both cruelty-free and gender neutral. “We will be launching a men’s range very soon. We expect waiting lists will be very long!” says Lorraine. Despite the beauty and skincare industry being fiercely competitive, Lorraine states that doesn’t feel the need to have to compete. Lorraine adds, “Skincare isn’t a race but a journey for one’s skin over the years.” So why choose to launch a new company during the middle of a global pandemic? “The pandemic gave us at the chance to develop and evolve,” enthuses Lorraine. “All businesses were under immense pressure and will continue to be so for some time, but we have a very good balance and use all the advantages and hiccups that have come our way to become more learned as we proceed.” Best New British Skincare Brand 2021 Having recently being awarded the prestigious title of Best New British Skincare Brand 2021 in the SME News Northern Enterprise Awards, it seems that the only way is up for Lorraine and the team at In conclusion Lorraine adds, “We’re looking forward to a great festive season and have some Oct21576