Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

73 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 Situated in the heart of Darlington, Vibrant Wellness Clinic provides a range of professional treatments to focus on making the client feel better, look better, enjoy better digestive health, and lose weight. We learn more about the company in light of its awards success. Vibrant Wellness Clinic offers clients services in colonic irrigation/ hydrotherapy, digestive health consultancy, and food intolerance testing, each of which is carried out by an experienced and highly qualified therapist. Clients receive only the highest standard of service each time, with only the finest organic products and most outstanding holistic health treatments available in the area, earning the clinic a reputation for excellence. Company founder Tania MacDonald is committed towards education and promotion of holistic and digestive health, which in turn helps bring out clients’ true beauty, vibrant health, and complete wellbeing. Her clinical interest is in the gut, brain, mind and body connection, specialising in gut health, dysregulation, stress and anxiety. She is also an EFT Advanced Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique) and a Reiki Master. Digestive health is Vibrant Wellness Clinic’s exclusive focus area. Improper digestion combined with modern day stress can result in an accumulation of toxins, which in turn serve as an invitation for parasites, scavengers and infections that destroy the natural bacteria balance in the gut. This leads to disease condition and lack of vitality. Vibrant Wellness Clinic strives to help clients regain their strength and energy by focusing on the problem they are facing. It therefore personalises a plan for the client to include a combination of nutrition and lifestyle management therapies. It will also help clients to prepare for their treatment, providing them with a set of instructions that enable them to decide on the things they should be doing before the start of their therapy. The clinic’s consultations ensure the client’s Best Digestive Health & Wellness Clinic - North East treatment is tailored to them so they receive what is best for them, based on their goals. Post-treatment, the client will be provided with a follow-up plan which enables them to maximise the process of detoxification and experience great energy levels and optimum health even after treatment. Meanwhile, the clinic’s sister company, Vibrant Food State is an innovative company involved in the concept of food state nutrition, aiming to promote this important development in healthcare and the crucial part healthy food plays in good gut health and overall wellbeing. It believes in elevating lives by remaining true to the main purpose of food – to nourish and heal the body and mind. Its mission is to educate people in the increased benefits of food supplements compared to the more common types of synthetic supplements. And it never takes shortcuts or compromises on quality, with its nutrients being grown using a process that emulates the way plants create their own nutrients. Ultimately, Tania believes in changing the world for good – one person at a time. She wants to achieve balance for each client, making them feel rejuvenated from inside out and in great shape – always. Book an appointment today for any of the clinic’s high-quality digestive treatments and start your journey towards a feeling of vibrance. Company: Vibrant Feeling Ltd Email: Website: Oct21087