Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

77 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 The world of timeshares can be tricky and convoluted – many are mis-sold under the guise of being an affordable get-away with no hidden costs. Combating this is Bronze Services Europe Ltd., a timeshare exit company that has years of experience helping people out of their agreements. Achieving the accolade of Best Nationwide Timeshare Cancellations Specialist 2021, the company provides an unbeatable, honest service that places it at the forefront of the industry. In any industry facing a sudden boom, honesty and integrity are hard to come by, and the timeshare disposal sector is no exception. However, amidst the scammers and the opportunists, often there stands a pillar of hope. Within the timeshare disposal industry, Bronze Services Europe Ltd. is that pillar – the company offers a transparent, no win, no fee service that has helped thousands out of their timeshare agreements. Indeed, Bronze Services Europe Ltd. offers a variety of services, including managing Section 75 claims and mis-selling claims. It is, however, best known for its handling of timeshare exit and disposal solutions, which earned it a spot on The Times Financial Checklist 2021 – the only timeshare disposal company to achieve such an accolade. Moreover, the company makes the process quick and simple, and clients could be free of their timeshares in as little as 28 days. On average, the process takes 60 days, and Bronze Services Europe Ltd. vows to remain honest and open throughout every step. Bronze Services Europe Ltd. prides itself on its ability to provide a quality, customer-oriented service. Valuing effective communication and its relationships with its customers, Bronze Services Europe Ltd. aims to provide customers with a trustworthy, dependable service, as it is aware of the numerous scams in the industry. Additionally, each client that the company takes on is treated with the utmost respect. Bronze Services Europe Ltd. understands that such cases are vital as they involve peoples hard-earned money, and as a result, it pours time and effort into each case. Best Nationwide Timeshare Cancellations Specialist 2021 During the pandemic, people became aware of the pitfalls of their timeshares and found themselves trapped in complicated and often dubious contracts. In turn, many false companies appeared, claiming to be able to cancel timeshare agreements. Instead of receiving these promises, many were scammed out of thousands and were still looped into their contracts. Henceforth, Bronze Services Europe Ltd.’s services became all the more important, as they promptly became a trustworthy face in the industry. The FCA Licence holders have an exciting year ahead and is consistently breaking its own records. Forecasted to be its most successful year yet, Bronze Services Europe Ltd. plans to continue supplying an expert service to its customers, thriving on the knowledge that it can help many more achieve refunds and freedom from timeshare commitments. Furthermore, the company has started a charity. The No Limits Foundation, based in Scarborough, aims to provide support and relief to those in need, no matter their age or background. Contact: Brian Armstrong Company: Bronze Services Europe Ltd. Web: Oct21065