Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 98 Nov22099 Established in 2016, Intelligency is a digital intelligence consultancy. We get an insight into the industry, including finding out just how advantageous it is being based in the north, in the wake of the firm achieving success within the Northern Enterprise Awards 2022. Digital intelligence involves providing clients with a thorough and forensic analysis of how their brand functions online – their marketing performance, audience profiling, online threat management, and return on investment. Expert agency, Intelligency (formerly known as Acuity) is experienced in helping athletes, sports teams, start-ups, media agents, global corporate groups, and brands to make better sense of their digital presence, using digital insights to protect and power commercial results with a clear, practical, and intelligent approach to digital. The firm has worked with a wide variety of clients over the last six years, including Optical Express, Viaplay, Colosseum Dental, BOXT, vetPartners, Pall Mall Medical, Ideal Care Homes, and Fleetondemand. “We live and breathe data and insights!” enthuses Sean Walsh from Intelligency. “Our unique selling point is that whilst many companies have lots of data and analyse it just for reporting, we use it to help provide solutions to problems.” The firm’s intelligence platform helps identify the right problem and then its experienced team formulate an appropriate solution. Most of the time, clients approach Intelligency with their issues, such as declining sales or website traffic levels, as they don’t know why they are happening. The firm will then analyse the root of the problem as well as the clients’ product/ service offering, audience, and opportunities they are currently missing. Reporting continues to be a largely underserved and deprioritised area in many businesses in the digital intelligence industry. Millions may be spent every year on staff, equipment, stock, and marketing budget but the in-house/agency reporting is always nearly unsophisticated, inaccurate, and lacking any real insight. “Measuring performance continues to be quite simple and top-level with many focusing just on numbers rather than actual interpretation of the data,” continues Sean, speaking of the trends that are commonplace within the industry. “We regularly come across multi-million pound turnover organisations that are utilising inaccurate reporting processes, and in some cases, none at all.” Whilst the north continues to compete predominantly against London in the digital marketing sector, Intelligency is increasingly engaging more London-based clients that require a higher level of service at a more reasonable budget. It is no surprise then, that so many London agencies have set up northern offices recently as they look to tap into the wealth of digital talent the region holds. Having recently moved and expanded its premises to Dean Clough Mills in Halifax, the firm benefits from a plethora of nearby large enterprise businesses at the cutting edge of their sector, such as Lloyds banking group, Covea, AND Digital, and Prestige Flowers, to name but a few. Sean goes on to say, “We’re seeing a shift for businesses and agencies moving away from fashionable postcodes to areas where office space is incredibly reasonable and modern and there’s a wealth of talent on their doorstep. Remote working and hybrid job offering means that businesses can scale faster without having to necessarily house their entire workforce. “Combined with typical northern charm and determination, the northern digital scene is a thriving industry that doesn’t tend to get the recognition it deserves! We work with some huge organisations. For a small company based in Halifax, we think that this is a fantastic achievement and combined with the type of work we undertake, really exciting for the region.” Existing knowledge isn’t a pre-requisite for joining the Intelligency team, instead the firm prefers to focus on recruiting staff that show a capacity to learn quickly, fail or succeed fast, and develop. As the industry is constantly changing on a monthly basis, being able to adapt, learn, and experiment are important skills to have. “We instil a strong culture of ‘no problems without solutions’,” continues Sean. “We’re problem solvers – whether that’s trying to identify costinefficient marketing campaigns or providing strategy on how to improve online sales. Working with clients at start-up through to enterprise level means we expose our team to multiple cultures, processes, and challenges on a daily basis. We hope that this exposure helps them develop and makes them better problem solvers in the future.” Recently, Intelligency gained recognition in the SME News Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 and was bestowed with the prestigious title of Most Innovative Data Intelligence Service Provider 2022. Now, as we move into an uncertain future where the cost of living crisis is causing lots of companies to feel the squeeze, what does this mean for Intelligency? “Many of our clients need to achieve more, with less budget,” Sean states. “It’s never been more important that they make sure activity such as digital marketing is cost-efficient and precise in targeting as every penny needs to be saved in lean times. This presents us a great opportunity as our insights can help clients achieve that.” Contact: Sean Walsh Company: Intelligency Web Address: Most Innovative Data Intelligence Service Provider 2022