Northern Irish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News- Northern Irish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 4 Those new to professional driving or simply seeking out the means to further their professional careers in the HGV/LGV or even wider driving industry need look no further than Ken Irwin Class One Driver Training, a firm built on more than 30 years of experience in the haulage sector, particularly in the fields of learning, development, and training, where its expert team excel. Bolstered by three decades of relevant industry encounters, the company today serves as the premier choice for those in the area seeking driver training, from LGV/ HGV to ADR, car/trailer, or even bus and coach training. Alison Clarke tells us more about this array of driver training courses that are sure to demonstrably improve confidence and provide the necessary skills to succeed. Experts in providing training for various categories of vehicles and other such areas of safety or management, Ken Irwin Class One Driver Training (Ken Irwin) is a company built on its values, setting the gold standard for driving across Northern Ireland. An exemplary pass rate for driving tests undertaken by those new to the industry and seasoned veterans looking to expand their skillsets alike is representative of the team’s dedication and ability, with as much time as it takes being put into each and every client to aid them in passing whichever course they take first time, minimising the cost for them and solidifying the reputation of Ken Irwin simultaneously. Whether a prospective client is applying on behalf of their organisation or on an individual basis, Ken Irwin’s Craigavon site covers all of Northern Ireland, and its courses are not only available on-site, but also at a client’s business premises, should this be more convenient. For those visiting the site, Ken Irwin boasts a pair of extremely modern classrooms that have been designed specifically for training purposes, with each of these offerings equipped with comfortable seating and space for up to 25 delegates at any one time. These rooms are also conveniently located just 2 miles from the M1, in Portadown, and free on-site parking comes as standard. Although all of its training services are exemplary, it is the company’s prowess in HGV and LGV training that has ultimately won it this award. Across its courses of this variety, first class training solutions are present in abundance, with the best possible help available in aiding the obtaining of one’s HGV or LGV certification. While the regulation surrounding both of these vehicles has changed in recent years, the dedication of the team at Ken Irwin strive to remaining atop of such changes to ensure that its customers remain safe, legal, and qualified when it comes to hitting the road in a heavy goods vehicle or a light goods commercial vehicle. Existing hand-in-hand with this is ADR training, which provides the necessary legal qualification and certificate for those seeking to drive a vehicle carrying dangerous goods on an international scale. This is another area of training that Ken Irwin is an expert in providing to its customers, underpinned by years of experience. The courses that are available in this area are bespoke and can be expertly tailored to the specific requirements of an individual. Those partaking will be made aware of the hazards associated with carrying such goods, the steps they can take to minimise the risk of an incident taking place, take the relevant preventative safety measures, and garner the necessary practical experiences. Aside from just the quality of its courses, there are a number of elements that distinguish the business from its industry competitors, with word of mouth being the primary reason for the company’s continued success and acclaim. It is this reputation for excellence that echoes across Northern Ireland, and many candidates who seek out Ken Irwin’s services are family members or friends of those who did the same years ago, and still hold the brand in the highest regard all this time later. In the modern, digital world we live in, posting on social media is also key, as this, “helps with enquiries and [is] an easy way for people to get in touch”, wherever in the country they may be located. Staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly developing industry landscape of today has too been integral in fostering continued prosperity, and remaining acutely aware of developments that impact the whole of Great Britain, as well as Northern Ireland, and subsequently passing these on to others, is high on the priority list for the team so as to fortify its enviable position at the top. Numerous methods have been adopted in order to comply with this, such as keeping in close contact with government bodies to pass on the relevant information, excellent DCPC courses that enlighten those who undertake them, as well as sharing these developments through general enquiries and people visiting the company offices. Moreover, another key change that the sector is experiencing at present is an influx of women beginning careers as drivers, whether this be HGV/LGV, buses/coaches, or even in management positions. Ken Irwin is glad to be at the forefront of offering females the necessary skills to thrive in the industry through its excellent training programmes. An increasing number of women on its courses is something that Ken Irwin hopes to continue to foster into the future and ultimately leads quite nicely into its overall plan for 2024, which is simply to maintain its high standards, treating all clients equally and affording them with a high calibre of service that is sure to leave them satisfied. The firm’s distinction is paramount through a series of achievements, having previously Best HGV & LGV Driver Training Centre - Northern Ireland