Northern Irish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News- Northern Irish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 8 Most Dynamic Vehicle Conversion Business - UK & SME News Customer Service Excellence Award In 2017, ex motorcycle racer and British Championship Team owner Eddie Hamilton was faced with a monumental challenge – filling his days of retirement with an engaging and fulfilling endeavour. This endeavour took the form of none other than Grease Monkey Conversions, a dynamic vehicle conversion business that combines Eddie’s knowledge with the craftsmanship of his tight-knit team. Specialising in vehicle conversions, be it camper vans, race transporters, search and rescue support vehicles, or promotional vehicles, Grease Monkey promises to be the best the UK has to offer. Upholding a hands-on approach from the moment a consultation is made, Grease Monkey is a versatile vehicle business that boasts an astonishing mastery over the art of designing and building vehicle conversions. Regardless of the space available, Grease Monkey’s small team is beyond capable of engineering designs that truly capitalise on everything the client’s project has to offer. From producing its own furniture in-house using 3D scanning and CNC technology, to adapting its creative vision to suit whatever its clients may desire, Grease Monkey guarantees a faultless experience from start to finish. As a family owned and run business, Grease Monkey demonstrates an underestimated closeness that, in practise, serves to enhance the client experience tenfold. When interacting with individuals, the team is able to connect with them on a far more personal level, allowing it an insight into even the tiniest of details based on what it comes to learn about the person it’s working with. This clientbusiness relationship is part of what makes Grease Monkey so appealing – by keeping its team small, it can tighten its focus on elements that larger collectives may miss. It brings a certain personality to the business, essentially granting it the opportunity to experiment with its wealth of accumulated talent. Grease Monkey is among the few who are able to accurately realise its clients’ visions, and it takes great pride in this skill. However, what differentiates Grease Monkey from other businesses of a similar nature is its commitment, not just to its branding, but to its uncompromising approach to its build projects. No detail is too small, and it is determined to source only the best materials, components, and quality brands for its builds. As a result, clients receive a final product that will go on to set the standard that others within the industry should seek to follow. Upholding quality, all to see a client’s reaction upon revealing their finished project, is what Grease Monkey is all about, and it’s not difficult to understand why. After all, Eddie lives and breathes all things motor. Having past experiences in motorsport, he was able to inject a systematic approach into Grease Monkey – an approach that would reflect his meticulous eye for detail. Combined with his indepth knowledge of vehicle conversion – which began with his first race vehicle conversion all the way back in 1992 – Eddie has equipped Grease Monkey with all of the tools it needs to flourish. That way, he could ease himself into retirement knowing that his expertise would continue to persist throughout the years to come. Grease Monkey is the very personification of excellence. From its quality builds, to its exceptional customer service standards, the business has come leaps and bounds in earning the favour of vehicle enthusiasts across the region. Regardless of the sort of vehicle conversion a client may be looking for, Grease Monkey is beyond prepared to bring it to life, down to the last detail. As such, it’s unsurprising that it has earned itself such a prestigious place among Northern Ireland’s greatest businesses. We’re eager to see what new projects come out of Grease Monkey as we progress through the coming year. Contact Details Contact: Eddie Hamilton Company: Grease Monkey Conversions Web Address: