Northern Irish Enterprise Awards 2023

It is the mission of those working at Gav Noble to help people aged 35 or above to get back to doing what it is that they love, without having to rely on painkillers or wait for an extended period to get GP appointments. Gavin excels in this area, since he is one of NI’s leading back pain specialists. Over the course of his career, Gavin has expertly devised his own training methods regarding spinal manual therapy and lower back injury recovery, something aided immeasurably by his status as a certified Pilates instructor, a tool he utilises in helping his clients through their lower back pain recovery programmes. Services offered by the company include physiotherapy, Pilates, orthotic insoles, shockwave therapy, and massages, designed to help those suffering with general back, knee, neck, or shoulder pain, Achillies tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and running/sports injuries. Across their services, the team at Gav Noble live by a series of core values, chief among these being an ethos that prides a client as a person first and a patient second. Through this mindset, the team are able to fortify their other values, creating a special experience, learning something new every day, being passionate and humble, remaining attentive to needs, achieving goals, maintaining stellar communication, and embracing change and innovation within the sector. The techniques employed by the team clearly work, since the clinic possesses more than 150 five-star Google reviews at present. If somebody is considering physiotherapy but is not sure if it can help or is right for them, Gav Noble is happy to offer a totally free discovery visit, which, as Gavin explains, “gives us an opportunity to find out what's going on and to see if we can truly help.” Those we do decide to go ahead with this fantastic service can expect a detailed assessment that gets to the root of the problem, followed by the prescribing of a unique treatment plan. Things do not end here, and the team provide free reports to their clients that hold a great deal of information and helpful tips about overcoming pain, as well as a YouTube channel, 10X Physio Channel ( UC476VGFvwO0lOPj_rsy8AoA), that houses yet more information, tips, and advice through videos that are released weekly. Gavin sheds some light on the choice behind the name, telling us, “the information on there is designed to help and improve your health by up to 10 times!” Bolstered by these services, one can immediately see the unbridled commitment the clinic has to its patients, and it is this which truly sets it apart from the rest. It is increasingly important for Gav Noble to serve as a beacon of excellence on the back of the issues that are currently arising in the sector, stemming from the lengthening waiting lists of those seeking treatments from the NHS. Gavin explains, “We hear from our clients who have been to the NHS that they receive less and less hands-on therapy and are given pages of exercises to complete.” This has resulted in a renewed sense of purpose for the team, whose comprehensive assessment methods serve as a direct contrast to this. Moreover, continuous training and development is prioritised, undertaken weekly through training sessions. Central to maintaining high standards has been the fostering of a tremendous internal culture, with an annual planning meeting being held at the start of every new year in order to discuss the future of the business and establish a road map for the year ahead. Teambuilding events are also commonplace, such as axe throwing, bowling, Christmas lunch, and breakfast mornings. When it comes to the future of Gav Noble Physiotherapy and Gavin’s own career, he tells us that he is working on a book that is set to be released this year, and aside from this, continuous growth and consolidation are key priorities for not only this year, but way into the future, fortifying the clinic as Lisburn’s premier hub for all physiotherapy needs. Contact Details Contact: Gavin Noble Company: Gav Noble Physiotherapy Web Address: Since its inception in 2017, Gav Noble Physiotherapy has served as a textbook offering for what a physiotherapy clinic should be, professional, knowledgeable, and boasting fantastic customer service. This five-person team is comprised of a manager, three therapists, and a receptionist, and they proudly serve those from Lisburn, Belfast, Hillsborough, Dromore, and the surrounding areas from their base in Lisburn city centre. Company namesake and Founder Gavin Noble provides further insight into the clinic and his own experiences operating within the field. Physiotherapy Clinic of the Year - Lisburn