2018 North West Enterprise Awards

16 SME NEWS / NorthWest Enterprise Awards 2018 , Drawing on a wealth of experience, Duckett provides construction projects ranging from fixing a roof or gutter or door, to building a newhouse. As part of our overview of a selection of winners from this year’s NorthWest Enterprise Awards we profile the firm to find out more. Building Contractors of the Year 2018 - Lancashire Since 1946 the Duckett family have been providing their award-winning services to a wide range of clients. It all began when, after being demobbed following World War II, brothers Ernest and Edward established the company in 1946 and, after buying a local joinery and undertakers business (Bell and Wilson), the Ducketts started trading from Holme before moving to Greenside near Burton- in-Kendal. Years later, Edward Brian Duckett (known to most simply as Brian) started work as an apprentice joiner, keen to follow in his father’s footsteps, and it was during the 1960’s that E & E Duckett expanded their business and began housing construction, a development of 35 properties in their home village of Holme. While the firm of today looks very different, and is providing employment to 25 permanent tradespeople: apprentices, joiners, builders, ground workers and project managers, the values that have brought it over 70 years of success and growth in the area remain unchanged. The team are available to undertake a range of smaller jobs, as well as larger projects, ensuring all clients receive the same impeccable standard of service and support. Among the firm’s recent, successful projects is its work on the Barn, Addington Road, which was being enhanced to accommodate the client’s growing family. A green oak truss frame extension had long been an ambition for the client who also wished to add value, improve the property and create a ‘wow’ factor. The architect was known to the client having worked on the house’s original plans, so was approached and asked to present ideas on layout and design. Being in a rural area, it was essential that the extension blended with the surrounding vernacular. The client need an architect who could ensure design and specification facilitated a smooth planning application process, and a main contractor who could realise it. Both the design and construction needed to consider in detail the existing structure; orientation; elevations and external materials. This two storey, stone faced extension, incorporating a green oak truss frame with a feature 7x15 metre triple height galleried sitting room, new master bedroom with internal and external glazed balustrades, en- suite, nursery bedroom entrance hall / landing with new oak staircase and new entrance with porch. Remodelling of existing bedroom layout was undertaken to provide a spacious and contemporary family home. The client was from a construction background, and as such he required support throughout from a flexible contractor who could work Duckett NWE18026 Company: Duckett Contact: Edward Duckett Address: Westmorland House, Clawthorpe Hall Business Centre, Burton in Kendal, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA6 1NU, UK Phone: 01527 784300 Website: www.duckett.ltd.uk alongside him. This he received when he chose to work with Duckett, and overall the project was a resounding success. It soon became clear that ground conditions were going to provide an early challenge. While it was known that there was a high water table on site, the extent of this was unforeseen and required additional mass concrete foundations due to the amount of water in the foundation trenches. The client was faced with significant delays to the programme, but Duckett were able to suggest a solution: as part of the landscaping element of the project, the client had wished to install land drains to improve the appearance and ground quality of the garden. This drainage had been planned towards the end of the build as part of the general landscaping design, however, once the extent of the ground saturation had been realised, we suggested that this element of the programme be implemented immediately as part of the groundworks to facilitate better drainage and allow the programme to proceed as planned. Thanks to this success and its many other projects, Duckett has established itself as a leading contractor and flexible partner for anyone seeking construction services. Over the past 12-18 months the firm has seen much more investment in domestic housing sites, that have introduced a more positive overall feeling to the area, some of the larger builders are now on many sites. That therefore filters down to the small builder such as Duckett and the many more smaller projects that are therefore on offer. Ultimately, this third-generation family business has achieved incredible success since inception, and moving forward Duckett looks set to continue to offer its award-winning services and undertake even more projects to further enhance its reputation for excellence.

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