2018 North West Enterprise Awards

24 SME NEWS / NorthWest Enterprise Awards 2018 , Mutech provides a cutting-edge electronics design and manufacturing turn-key service. We profile the firm to offer our readers a unique insight into this innovative award-winner and the services it provides. Best Electronic Circuit Design Company 2018 key features which make Mutech stand out from other contract electronics manufacturers. With recent significant investment in a new flexible component placer and a new website to be launched later in the year Mutech is delighted to have won the SMT award this year. Representing the UK at global level on IEC committees, Mutech is a centre of excellence within the electronics industry. Mutech’s Managing Director Colin Cameron is a member and chairperson of the committee that define and develop Standards for electronic equipment in explosive Established in 1987, Mutech has continually evolved its procedures to cope with the ever increasing and changing needs of the industry over the past 30 years. Mutech‘s design and manufacturing capabilities benefit Blue-chip OEMs and start-ups alike with their new technology development. Today, based in Irlam, Mutech has its manufacturing and design teams under one roof which means Mutech designs not only work effectively but are designed to be manufactured efficiently and with exemplary quality control. This is one of the Mutech Ltd NWE18011 Company: Mutech Ltd Contact: Julia Cameron Address: Unit 9, Wharfside Business Park, Irlam Wharf Road, Manchester, M44 5PN, UK Phone: 0161 872 0400 Web Address: www.mutech.co.uk atmospheres and has expertise and knowledge both relevant and crucial to a wide-ranging customer base. With a particular focus on Intrinsic and Functional Safety electronics, Mutech’s clients cover oil and gas, aerospace, marine, mining and general industry from the UK and worldwide. The firm is seriously committed to providing customers with a high quality of service, as well as ensuring that duty of care to its employees is maintained. As part of its commitment to giving back to the industry, Mutech is proud to be helping develop young engineers. Nurturing young talent is part of what keeps the firm current and agile. The team take Cambridge University students to do their work placement; working in a small company like Mutech gives them access to every part of development: design of hardware, firmware, software and manufacture process. In return, Mutech gains access to a pool of incredible talent from which to recruit, and many of them go on to enjoy fruitful careers with the firm. Looking ahead, Mutech has a bright future spread in front of it as it seeks to enhance its already incredible success and continue to offer its valued clients the very highest possible quality solutions and service.

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