2018 North West Enterprise Awards

4 SME NEWS / NorthWest Enterprise Awards 2018 , Drawing on over 20 years’ experience, Amenity Ground Services specialises in providing garden and grounds maintenance throughout Cheshire and the Northwest. Proprietor Richard Corless showcases the firm’s dedication to excellence and how it works to ensure excellence for every client it has the privilege of serving. Best Garden Maintenance Company - Cheshire Over the past two decades Amenity Ground Services has catered to high prestige clients and worked hard to ensure that the service its team delivers meets their standards. Whether this is providing a comprehensive grounds or commercial maintenance service, soft landscaping to estate maintenance, or entirely varied to lawn care services and crown bowling greens, Amenity Ground Services’ committed team always endeavours to deliver a safe and prestige service. Richard discusses how far the firm has come since inception thanks to the hard work and commitment he and his team have put in. “Initially, Amenity Ground Services started as a small firm that I invested all my time and resources to nurture and grow it to the successful company it is today. This award recognises the hard work of myself and my growing team. It is my belief that our success can be attributed to the time and hard work I invested into the company, driving it towards the success it enjoys today. “Since the beginning, Amenity Ground Services’ mission has been to provide a high-quality and safe service that delivers the vision the client had in mind. We achieve a safe service by having all relevant licenses for chemicals used as demanded by the Health and Safety Act as well as having relevant insurance. As for delivering a high-quality service, we achieve this by paying attention to the fine detail involved in each and every task, ensuring to reach the highest standard possible. We also believe that communication with clients is essential, this is why I encourage regular meetings and feedback from my clients. This allows me to tailor services to their needs and ensures that we continue to provide the exceptional support and services that our clients have come to rely on.” Although its vast service offering is vital to its success, the true driver behind the growth of this dynamic firm is its dedicated team, as Richard highlights. “In such a competitive market, Amenity Ground Services differentiates itself from competitors by making sure all our employees are experienced and knowledgeable within our industry and I encourage my team to share our knowledge with our clients to give them not only a professional experience but also an informative one. “As a team, we believe that the customer comes first, and as such we always endeavour to work with the customer and to build strong relationships with them, this enables us to deliver the exact service they are Amenity Ground Services NWE18002 Company: Amenity Ground Services Contact: Richard Corless Address: 103 Grange Road, Barnton, Northwich, Cheshire, CW8 4PE, UK Phone: 7799554317 Website: www.amenitygroundservices.co.uk looking for. Sharing knowledge with our clients is important and we ensure staff are able to do so, even if this requires sending our team members on college courses to broaden their knowledge further. Overall, our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide that Amenity Ground Services is the most professional and engaged option for any client.” With regards to the future of his firm, Richard is excited for the years ahead as he plans to drive his firm to even greater success through technological advancement and expansion, as he proudly concludes. “Looking ahead, within the North West region and beyond, there is a growth in technological developments within the industry that Amenity Ground Services will implement. For example, cordless machinery is becoming much more popular within the commercial industry and developing at a rapid pace; we expect it to be very prominent within the next five-year period. The benefit of cordless machinery, take a hedge cutter for example, is that cordless reduces the noise of the machinery being used. This makes it much more suitable for clients and reduces noise pollution. Whereas currently, machinery often has a two- stroke engine that causes the unpleasant sound. Amenity Ground Services plans to adapt by utilising these advances in machinery to ensure our clients receive a truly cutting-edge service when they work with us. “Longer term, our plans are to expand and split into teams that specialise in a different division of the business; a grounds maintenance team and a crown bowling green team, for instance. This will offer us many exciting opportunities which the entire team at Amenity Ground Services looks forward to taking advantage of.”

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