SME News March 2018

SME NEWS / Q1 2018 11 How to Effectively Address Time Wasters on Your Team About Karen and John; Karen Meager and John McLachlan are the co-founders of Monkey Puzzle Training ( ) and co-authors of Time Mastery: Banish Time Management Forever (£12.99, Panoma Press); a number one best-selling book. Karen and John take the latest scientific and academic thinking and make it useable in everyday life. Both have suc- cessful business backgrounds for over 20 years, are clinically qualified in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and two of only a handful of NLP Master Trainers in the UK. Karen and John have a unique gift in helping people both in their business and personal lives to move beyond Time Man- agement to become ‘Time Masters’, allowing them to develop an approach to time that is efficient and fits in with their unique personality. Too often, people are controlled by other people’s priorities so Karen and John help people to take back that control, by understanding how their own preferences, style and interests impact their use of time.