SME News March 2018

26 SME NEWS / Q1 2018 , MobiBlue, widelyknown for their services inMobileMarketing programs for small businesses andMobileAppDevelopment, has announced their newlow-cost PWAMobileAppdevelopment service for small businesses. According to the company, advancements inwebsite technologies nowallowwebsites to lookand act like anativeMobileApp. CalledProgressiveWebApps (PWA), thehybrid combines the best of a website andnativeMobileApp. MobiBlue Now Offering Custom PWAApps for Small Businesses Small businesses can now have the same high-quality, high performing marketing platforms previously reserved for large companies with large marketing budgets. They can offer their services and products on smartphones for a fraction of the cost to build a custom native app. There is a big difference between a “Mobile Friendly” website and a “PWA MOBILE” website. A Mobile friendly website is a desktop website modified to fit on MOBILE devices, whereas a PWA MOBILE website is a MOBILE FIRST website that will look great on all browsers and desktops. 5 strong reasons why a business needs a PWA: The world has gone mobile. 87% of users are on a native Mobile App; soon it will be 100%. Just like you need a website to be relevant in today’s digital world, now you need Mobile. Mobile is not an option, it’s an imperative. As per Google research, the average load time of a mobile friendly website is 19 seconds, but a user expects a site to load within 3 seconds. A business will lose around 40% of users if its website takes more than 3 seconds to load and 100% if it takes more than 10 seconds. PWAs on a mobile device simply prompt the user to add a shortcut to their home screen which is immediate, no third-party downloading required. Google began implementing “Mobile First” indexing; meaning Google is giving priority to Mobile websites; if your website is not a PWA website or at least a Mobile friendly website your rankings will fall. A PWA will improve website rankings, traffic, time-spent, conversions and user experience. A few pioneering enterprises are already demonstrating the value of PWAs with increased user visits and time spent on sites using the new paradigm. Flipkart began implementing progressive apps and is seeing time spent on the new website triple, with 40% growth in visitors each week. They are also seeing a 63% conversion from home screen visitors, and they haven’t even launched push notifications yet. Overall, it cannot be overstated the importance of Mobile and the need for small businesses to add Mobile Marketing to their marketing mix. Everyone is obsessed with their mobiles. As such, this is now the perfect way for a business to engage its target audience.