SME News March 2018

SME NEWS / Q1 2018 7 The Top Reasons for Business Collapse About Jana Nevrlka Jana Nevrlka is the author of Cofounding The Right Way (£14.99 Panoma Press). With legal, business and entrepre- neurial experience combined, Jana has spent the past 5 years developing the know-how about what’s required to build better business partnerships and applying that knowledge to helping cofounders build successful businesses. Jana writes, teaches and speaks extensively on the subject, works as a cofounder expert for a number of start-up accel- erators, and organises an SME knowledge sharing platform called – the Swiss Start-ups Club. In addition, Jana coordi- nates the development of dynamic equity split templates, based on the slicing-pie method, in Europe. list goes on. And yes, all of that is needed. The right team is though the base with which you can build all of that. And very often – this aspect is underestimated, and the cofounding decisions are being rushed. Get your cofounding team right, and you’ll be in the best possible position to handle any challenge that’s thrown in your direction. Get it wrong and not even the best business idea will be able to survive. As poignantly pointed out by a very experienced and successful investor – “Brilliant teams make even mediocre ideas work, whilst mediocre teams kill even the most brilliant ideas”.