Q1 2019

18 SME NEWS / Q1 2019 , Established in 2008, Solutions 4 Health (S4H) has become an award-winning healthcare company dedicated to utilising the latest technologies to provide cutting edge solutions to their clients. In February, the firmwas recognised in SME News Magazine’s Business Elite programme as the ‘Leading Experts in ChildWeight Management’ for 2019. “We spoke with S4H’s Director of Public Health and Lifestyle Service, Leena Sankla and to Stan Thompson, Director of Strategy to find out more about their innovation-first approach to their work. Healthcare Solutions Driven by Innovation and Modernisation Since the beginning, S4H have thrived through a dedication to innovation, and a drive to solve problems through future-proof solutions that ready the industry for the age of digitisation. Chief among their successes is their ability to provide essential services to some of the most vulnerable segments of society, reducing health inequalities – a commitment that harkens back to the firm’s founding ethos. As Leena explains, S4H has become a truly global goliath in their industry: “We have grown from providing support to 100 people in 2008 to now supporting over 100,000 people annually across our team of 400 healthcare professionals. S4H now operate across 14 offices nationally with further offices in Dubai and Mumbai.” “With a strong reputation for delivery and a deep understanding of NHS procurement, we are now securing long term multi-million- pound contracts. Over the last ten years we have become a one-stop-shop for public health service delivery, trusted by over thirty local authorities to improve the health of their local populations.” Leena continues, offering examples of some of the firm’s most successful services. “Our transformative elderly Falls Prevention Service has provided the NHS savings of over £1 million in Slough and Bracknell and won the RPSH award for Innovation in Healthcare. Further, using technology we’ve enabled non-physiotherapists to undertake risk assessments in the community and intervene earlier through signposting or specialist strength and balance classes. As constant innovators, we’ve developed the world’s first evidence-based AI powered stop smoking advisor (Bella), available on iOS, Android and Alexa. It’s already generating revenue and being rolled out in Durham, Liverpool, Dudley and Peterborough, with randomised controlled trials in Wales.” This upcoming year again heralds a period of growth for S4H, with renewed interest in educating, informing and supporting their clients on how to achieve and maintain healthier lifestyles. In many ways, 2019 is about continuing to build on their robust foundations, strengthening their position as global experts in healthcare innovation. “Ultimately, we will continue to explore and develop innovative methods of delivering services population wide.” Feb19008 Contact: Leena Sankla, Director of Public Health and Lifestyle Service Stan Thompson, Director of Strategy Telephone: 07941 898810 Address: Reading, RG1 8EQ, United Kingdom Website: www.solutions4health.co.uk