Q1 2019

SME NEWS / Q1 2019 19 , For over 25 years, Bespoke Textiles has been designing, developing and supplying luxury clothing and textile collections to high-end hospitality, heritage and fashion brands. For the company’s dedicated work ethic and continued commitment to excellence in their industry, Bespoke Textiles was recognised by SME News Magazine as Most Outstanding for Quality Hospitality Uniforms in London. We spoke with Bespoke’s Director, Katie Young, for more insight into how she has built a practically peerless reputation in this highly discerning sector. When it comes to the hospitality sector, first impressions are notoriously important. Staff uniform – as much as customer service- need to evoke the brand’s image and ethos. Whether your business is the very embodiment of traditionalism or the epitome of modern values, the first impression forms the foundation of the guest’s experience, so it is important to get it right first time. Bespoke Textiles has made their name on the back of an ability to capture the minutiae of a brand and create truly unique, top-quality textile products for their clients. It’s a task that is, by every consideration, easier said than done, as Katie explains in more detail. “We primarily design and supply the world of high-end hospitality with textiles from uniforms and aprons, napkins to blankets. Bespoke Textiles is particularly skilled at communicating our client’s brand identity thought quality uniform attire and textiles, tailoring a unique sustainable supply chain from factories to their door with our tried and tested partners.” “Our clients include the Soho House Group, the Ivy Collection, the Ace Hotel and Bills Restaurant Group. The clients we serve are generally looking for something very special. They want the end product to be unique to their own brand and are not satisfied by off-the-shelf supplies. They also recognised the power of an excellent style and quality on their team’s motivations, pride and profit it further generates, so are prepared to pay a little more to have their product tailored to them with a sustainable supply set up. We serve high end to aspirations middle market brands. Most of our business is earned through word of mouth and referrals.” It’s no surprise then that Bespoke Textiles is considered one of the very best in their industry. The last two years in particular has seen the company grow to new heights on the back of a spree of award wins. Of particular note, Bespoke was recognised as a 2017 finalist for the Sustainability Award from the National Business Awards, reflecting the company’s sustainability-first mindset. Of course, as Katie is keen to emphasise, her team plays a fundamental role in ensuring that the company’s core values permeate every facet of their day to day operations. “The team are very important in our business because we have very different talents which all come together from design and development, to delivery of a seamless supply process and product. This starts with the brand vision, which we provide extension ideas and expert creativity which helps our clients discover the canvas they have to work on. I love to be involved at the beginning and combine this with practical expert advice, right through to tailoring the source and supply requirements. The team do this by matching clients and product with the right niche factory partners and ensuring logistics and delivery to the door are seamless.” The conversation soon turns to Bespoke Textiles’ future, and the challenges emerging from Brexit’s looming presence. “The main challenges we are facing at the moment are generally to do with people being much more hesitant around Brexit, with less financial support extended from suppliers and clients not willing to take too much risk in a time of uncertainty with the US dollar. But, we’ve bolstered all of this with many sourcing solutions to make things more flexible on much smaller quantities including designing a core collection that’s made in England.” Jan19207 Yet, despite all of that uncertainty, the future is – generally – bright for Bespoke as they look to expand their client base to new markets. “2018 was a real game changing year for us. We won two awards and worked with many new clients including Royal Palaces, Honourable members societies, and a collaboration with artists reproducing heritage textiles of the suffragette’s signatures to celebrate the suffragette’s centenary. Ultimately, we would love to continue our collaborations with these clients, as well as start more exciting projects in the future that help brands from all industries draw out the value in their development of brand extensions and textile touches. I’d especially like to work with more housekeepers as I’ve seen the profound difference it makes to moral a d work ethic when working to get something right for them. Particularly because they are often behind the scenes and not considered in the design process or noticed that their uniform has been neglected.” Company: Bespoke Textiles Contact: Katie Young Address: 49 Effra Road, London, United Kingdom Website: www.bespoketextiles.co.uk Telephone: 020 3302 7080 Bespoke Textiles That Help Create a Perfect First Impression

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