Q1 2019

SME NEWS / Q1 2019 23 , Nov18865 Driving Innovation in the Animal Health Sector Nutriment is amulti-award-winning leader in the raw pet foodmarket, renowned for using only the most natural and freshest ingredients in their products. InNovember, Nutriment was recognised in the 2018 SME Business Elite programme as the ‘Leading Innovators inHealthy Pet Foods in Surrey’. We spoke with the firm’s Managing Director, Suzanne Brock, to find out how they have reinvented the raw pet food sector. Over the last couple of years, animal health, like its human counterpart, has experienced a global market boom as pet owners look for alternatives to long-standing industry stalwarts. Put more simply, a new need has risen among the community - a need for a better standard of product that doesn’t break the bank. For many of these discerning pet owners Nutriment has been the answer, as Suzanne explains. “We endeavour to be a forward- thinker within the raw canine and feline nutrition industry. Nutriment produces complete meals for both dogs and cats as well as complementary products such as treats, bones and single protein meats. Nutriment ships daily to over 600 retail outlets, supplies via Ocado and also delivers direct to the customer.” “Nutriment attracts the kind of pet owner who like to understand the ingredients list, particularly as larger companies find new and cheaper way to give basic nutrition to their clients. By all considerations, 2019 is an important year for Nutriment, as they emerge from a particularly strong period of growth in 2018 with the hope of capitalising on their award-winning legacy. Rather than rely on traditional marketing techniques, Nutriment believes in their products’ ability to make ardent fans of every customer, leading to organic growth through word of mouth. “We have found that word of mouth alone has been instrumental in growing our business at this rapid rate, such is the quality of the food and the remarkable results achieved from our diet.” Finally, Suzanne comments on Nutriment’s plans for the upcoming year. “In 2019, Nutriment will be launching its new Support range. This food has been formulated to bridge the gap between a specialist diet and a prescription one. Created with the support of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, the food specifically targets common dog ailments such as Liver disease, Kidney Disease, Cancer, Pancreatitis and Obesity. This follows on from the huge success of our Low Purine and Phosphorous range which is frequently being recommended by vets to support a number of ailments. We believe this latest range cements our position as the innovators and experts in the field of canine nutrition and we are extremely excited about this product being ready by March.” Contact: Suzanne Brock, MD Company: Nutriment Address: Enterprise House, Bridge Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 2QR Website: www.nutriment.co.uk Telephone: 01276 63554