Q1 2019

26 SME NEWS / Q1 2019 , Nov18819 Firm Driving the Future of Business SiyonaTech Ltd is an award-winning digital learning and communications company that specialises in developing technology-supported performance solutions. InNovember, SiyonaTech was recognised in SMENewsMagazine’s 2018 Business Elite programme. On the back of this, we spokewith the firm’s Founder, SambitMohapatra, to find out how they have driven innovation in this emerging sector. Technology has long been considered the primary driver of business change. The modern age has become defined by a primal need to ‘stay ahead of the game’, as a veritable arms race is waged across industries around the world. Emerging technologies have, as such, been widely adopted, adapted and altered to reinvent stagnant business sectors: perhaps none have been more widely hailed as a revolutionary tool than virtual technology. Once considered something wholly belonging to science fiction, VR has become an indispensable asset for technology firms who want to change the future of their respective spheres. SiyonaTech has focused its efforts in utilising VR – and similar technologies- in education and training, as Sambit explains further: “SiyonaTech is an award-winning company focused on the design and development of learning solutions. These solutions include Digital Learning, Immersive Technology (VR, AR and MR) and Performance Support tools for a variety of business sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, aviation, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Ultimately, our services are catered to both large public and private organisations across the UK, Europe, USA and the far East who need to deliver learning in an engaging, efficient and cost-effective manner to geographically dispersed staff.” “The main objective is to help organisations achieve their business goals through better trained people. As a result, the values of SiyonaTech are happiness and grace, ensuring happy outcomes by conducting business gracefully.” As you might imagine, the key word for SiyonaTech is innovation – to drive change continuously and to never sit still. “Our motto is “Deliver High Performance Through Innovation”. This is utterly key to SiyonaTech’s success. It has won a number of innovation in learning awards including being recognised in the 2018 Learning and Performance Institute Awards, the 2017 and 2016 Learning Technology Awards and a number of others for innovation.” Sambit continues in a similar vein, discussing the importance of Siyona’s staff in securing their long-term success. “SiyonaTech’s people make the difference between being a good organisation to an amazing organisation. The team is very special with a really nice culture that reflects in everything that we do. Our mission statement is “Inspire Change, Improve Lives” and our values of “Grace and Happiness” give us a rationale for what we do and drives us to do our best.” As we come to the end of the interview, the conversation moves to the challenges that SiyonaTech are facing in their industry. “There’s wide ranging competition from consulting firms to smaller firms and newer technologies coming out all the time. However, by staying true to its focus on innovation and its values, SiyonaTech aims to differentiate itself and be a winner in its marketplace.” Finally, Sambit comments on the future of SiyonaTech as they look to further distinguish their services and solutions from their peers and competitors. “More than anything we want to focus on a leadership position in the Immersive Technologies space – Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality – and really come out with transformational solutions that drive deep and last change.” Contact: Sambit Mohapatra Company: Siyona Tech Ltd Address: The Stable Suite, 21 Hart Street, Henley-On-Thames, RG9 2AU, United Kingdom Website: www.siyonatech.com Telephone: 07957450496