Q1 2020

13 | Q1 2020 Oct19461 Excelling in Energy Reduction Global warming is an issue that is on everyone’s lips, and helping protect the environment takes a myriad of forms. A primary action is improving energy efficiency, and one firm is doing everything it can to help businesses and local governments work towards being more energy-savvy and carbon-neutral. Discover how Energy Oasis has become 2019’s leading specialist in energy reduction as we profile the firm. Reducing energy is the most viable initial solution to the world’s energy crisis. Why waste energy and money and load the atmosphere with CO2 when it is simply unnecessary? Energy Oasis works with clients to find their bespoke energy efficiency solutions. By monitoring energy use, the team identifies ways to reduce energy consumption, before supplying and installing energy-efficient solutions in line with Parliamentary guidelines for meeting energy deadlines. Every client that Energy Oasis works with uses energy in different ways, and requires a bespoke solution to suit their needs. Partnering with specialists and advanced product suppliers within wind and solar power generation, the team collaborates with clients to develop long-term plans that allow for staged development and implementation based on data from ongoing analysis of energy use. Whilst the firm doesn’t promise its clients the cheapest initial quote, it does offer the one which saves the most energy, carbon usage, maintenance and therefore money over time. Offering a wide variety of options to its clients, Energy Oasis has secured partnerships with a myriad of energy specialists in the United Kingdom, particularly across the north of England. These latest partnerships have seen the firm gain the ability to offer immediate integrated solutions to clients, incorporating wind, solar, and biomass energy generation to reduce carbon-footprint. However, achieving zero-carbon does not come quickly. As such, Energy Oasis encourages its clients to think more seriously about long-term sustainability, and drastically reduce energy usage and carbon footprint. A crucial element to Energy Oasis’ strategy is that the firm is not partnered with any single energy provider. Instead of promoting one solution, the team keeps up-to-date on the market to ensure that clients get the best advice. That’s without mentioning that by being linked to an energy provider, the firm would counteract with their own business model. Where Energy Oasis reduces energy consumption, energy companies are in the business of selling energy. Companies and organisations are committed to energy reduction more and more now, with the focus on global warming at the forefront of the world’s agenda. Energy Oasis is spearheading the charge against unnecessary energy usage and helping save the planet in the process. Contact Details Company: Energy Oasis Ltd. Contact: Mike Kaye Website: www.energyoasis.org.uk