Q1 2020

Q1 2020 | 21 She’s a businesswoman who’s achieved gender parity with everything she’s done. The first female UK-based mentor selected by Faster Capital Venture Capital (Dubai) to mentor tech start-ups, a Notion Venture Capital #FiftyFifty Pledge (London) Founding Supporter, Becky has recently been recruited for the Santander Breakthrough Women’s Business Leaders Mentoring Programme, a scheme for the next generation of fast-growth female entrepreneurs. It matches women business leaders from across the UK with carefully selected mentors from a variety of industries and backgrounds, to support them as they consider their next stage of business and professional growth. To help mentees think differently, they are matched with someone from a different sector, and both male and female mentors are involved. An expert across social media platforms – you’ll find her on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – Becky is also the author of a good old fashioned print title. Her first book, ‘Don’t Build Rollerskates for Birds’, published in 2019, charts her journey from a corporate world to successful self employment and advises others how to avoid the pitfalls in being a start-up. Becky’s success, which includes the exponential growth of her StartUp Disruptors brand, lies in encouraging and guiding individuals and organisations about the need to innovate through digital and social media channels to better profile ‘what they do, how and why they do it’, and boost engagement with existing and potential customers. Having faced the very real challenge of having her words heard during her early years, she found her voice and succeeded against the odds, to the delight of family, friends and colleagues. Rather than chuck a pebble in and mull over the ripples, Becky Lodge has begun this new decade by vaulting over the pond. In doing so, she has made an even bigger splash. Contact details Contact: Becky Lodge, Website: www.littlekanga.co.uk E-mail: info@littlekanga.co.uk LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/beckylodge Telephone: + 44 (0) 333 444 0364 or for the brand ‘StartUp Disruptors’ Website: www.start-up-disruptors.co.uk