Q1 2023

16 | Q1 2023 Feb23513 Go Beyond the Textbook Bernhard Niesner and Adrian Hilti developed Busuu to deliver a unique quality mix of self-paced online learning and teacher-led Live Lessons, all supported by help from native language speakers. This unique methodology is what makes Busuu so effective, with its courses designed so learners can gain and retain language skills that can be applied in everyday life. These courses cover all pillars of language learning – listening, reading, writing, and speaking – and so build a fully rounded skillset. There are courses that enable learners to reach fluency up to CEFR C1, and shorter courses covering specific needs such as travel or business, with learning can be enhanced with Live Lessons focusing on pronunciation. The company offers plenty of opportunities to get feedback from native speakers so users can actively learn from each other. The recent addition of video flashcards provides even more opportunities to hear and see language in action, which is crucial to mastering pronunciation. These integral human interactions are supported by AI technology, found in key features, to provide supportive solutions that complement learning. For example, Busuu’s Smart Review function compiles all grammar and vocabulary covered in completed lessons for easy revision. Busuu works with a broad range of clients who choose it because its learning programmes are easy to manage day-to-day and completely scalable. This means organisations of all sizes, in multiple locations, can democratise language learning for their staff, upskilling teams with very different learning needs, many of whom cannot access classroombased study. All students are supported by a dedicated Customer Success team and CRM campaigns that keep them on track with their studies long-term. Felix Schuchter, Sales Director at the company states, “Busuu is very flexible, and we’re able to mould our offer to provide services to clients in diverse market sectors with different learning needs. We have teams locations across the world, with each client assigned a dedicated customer support manager speaking their native language. “This flexibility extends to the content we can produce for clients. We work with expert content writers to produce bespoke courses meeting clients’ individual communication needs, and we have a wide portfolio of specialised courses including retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and automotive. Our clients choose packages that will bring the applicable learning outcomes for their business for best possible return on investment.” Busuu has worked closely with its client, PUMA to create a professional-standard language learning solution that could drive inclusion for the multinational sports brand’s 16,000 employees in 134 countries. PUMA’s head office alone has people from 75 nationalities, so it needed a flexible language solution to overcome communication barriers and support its diverse teams working both at head office and in stores. Busuu was able to offer just that. For PUMA, encouraging diversity and inclusion across the workforce was key. Polina Ivanova, Manager of People Development and Organisational Learning at PUMA explains, “Our biggest motivation for going with Busuu was to make everyone feel at home wherever they are. There is a big aspect of diversity and inclusion, everyone feels included and welcomed, whatever language you speak and whatever language you want to learn.” Busuu’s online self-paced lessons designed to engage learners to meet long-term study goals were the answer. Polina continues, “The biggest benefit of Busuu for PUMA is enabling lifelong learning. We are measuring the success of Busuu and PUMA through employee satisfaction. We see that people are happier that they have more possibilities to learn. People can travel more, people can get to know new people, new friends, and new connections through different languages.” Dietmar Knoess, Global Director of People and Organisation at PUMA says, “We discovered a great fit with Busuu. It’s a great contribution to improving languages and communication with others, especially for our store employees… and I am sure it’s leading to better satisfaction here in the company.” Company: Busuu Email: team@busuu.com Website: business.busuu.com Busuu is the language training provider of choice for over 500 corporate brands including L’Oréal, PUMA, HelloFresh, and Inditex. Founded in 2008 by Bernhard Niesner and Adrian Hilti, Busuu’s mission has always been to empower people through languages. The platform was created after the duo became frustrated with traditional language learning methods. Now, there are over 120 million registered Busuu users accessing free, complete language courses in 14 languages aligned with internationally recognised CEFR standards. Recognised as Most Innovative Language Learning Platform 2023, we learn more.