Q1 2023

22 | Q1 2023 Most Innovative Medical Device Supplier – Cheshire There are countless businesses endeavouring to support the healthcare realm, but no medical device supplier like this in its area. Lanset Medical Ltd is a revolutionary manufacturer and seller of medical devices to NHS and private healthcare providers. Here we talk to its Director, Bikram Singh, as Lanset Medical wins its esteemed title from SME News. Lanset Medical Ltd is a pioneering business looking to lessen the timely and monetary cost of outsourcing medical devices for a plethora of healthcare organisations, such as the NHS and other private bodies, by inventing and introducing their expert products. The thought processes, experience, and intelligence that is poured into every aspect of Lanset Medical’s products truly exceed expectations. As diseases and illnesses continuously evolve, so does the medical sphere – to keep up with developments and tackle bad health. Not only does Lanset Medical help to react to these changes, but it also sports a preventative, almost predictive attitude towards medical products. One of its unique selling points is the fact that its creative team always comes together to produce the best products available on the market. As innovation is the crux of Lanset Medical’s approach and operation, Bikram tells us, “We rarely deal in ‘me-too’ products. This has really helped to differentiate us from our competitors.” From surgical instruments to hospital gowns, Lanset Medical has a diverse mix of products that can aid medical professionals and their many patients. Bikram says, “Our main products include a revolutionary technology for treatment of sciatica and a simple gown called the ‘Barenon Modesty Apron’ which helps maintain a patient’s modesty during ECG tests of the heart. We have also launched other products for wrist and finger fractures which allows patients to shower and function nearly normally despite having a fractured finger or wrist.” Tailoring its bespoke products to fit the needs of the industry, Lanset Medical doesn’t rely on me-too products to keep it going. It effortlessly invests its time and money in the ideas of its team to generate products of their own Dec22137 “ Patient care is always at the heart of what we do, and innovation allows us as a company to look for ways to give patients better treatment while reducing time and costs for both the surgeon and the healthcare organisation. ”