Q1 2023

Jan23021 Best Wholesaler & Distributor ERP Solution 2022 Processing massive amounts of orders is no easy feat, especially for wholesalers and distributors who might have hundreds of thousands of product to deal with. The team at Apex IT have developed a way of working which has revolutionised this system for many. In the Northern Enterprise Awards, the team were named Best Wholesaler & Distributor ERP Solution 2022. We look closer to find out precisely why. Order-processing might not sound exciting, but it’s at the very heart of how our lives work today. With delivery times expected to be ever-quicker, the efforts of companies such as Apex IT are vital to securing success in the marketplace. The secret of what Apex IT offers is Interprise Suite. No one understands this better than James Parsonage, who was happy to explore in more detail what this is. “Interprise unites every department within a wholesale & distribution organisation from sales & purchase order processing, stock control, financials, B2B Ecommerce, data dashboarding, customer relationship management and carrier integration.” Put simply, Interprise helps wholesalers & distributors to process more orders, more profitably! Most of the clients who turn to Apex IT are in the Wholesale, Distribution and Merchant sector, but these industries cover a host of different industries from paper and packaging to chemicals and clothing. Such is the universal nature of Interprise that all can benefit from what it is on offer. Interprise is an 80% fit for wholesale & distribution businesses, but it is within the unique requirements where Interprise proves its versatility. Not only can clients alter the program on their own terms, they can consult with the team to ensure a 100% fit at all times. As such, support is a major part of Apex IT. Indeed, 96% of all support calls are answered on the first attempt. Companies turn to Apex IT not only because of their impressive product, but because they know that if they need help, they can instantly contact a board of directors who know the product, and the industry, inside out. Before developing Interprise, the Apex IT team owned the #1 Reseller for Sage products for over 16 years. You can’t usually buy this level of expertise at your fingertips! Throughout the challenges of the last few years, the future has never been far away. Needless to say, it saw a transformation in how people order and use distribution facilities. Those companies which used Interprise came through the other side of the pandemic stronger than before, which led to a stronger position for Apex IT. Many have increased order processing volumes and added more users, demonstrating impressive growth. Many customers process between 10 and 750 orders every day using Interprise as a key part of the process. To meet increasing demand, and the weight of expectation, Apex IT has delivered a host of new solutions over the last few years. This includes s carrier integration that eliminates manual printing of carrier labels and delivery notes at the packing station as well as plugins such as paperless bills/documents that auto-enters data from documents such as Supplier Bills into Interprise–eradicating manual data entry. The team has also moved to a truly mobile state, so all users can work from home on Interprise without any issues. The plan for the future is to continue this pattern of growth, supporting clients to achieve even greater heights of success. Company: Apex IT Name: James Parsonage Email: james.parsonage@apexit.co.uk Web Address: http://www.apexit.co.uk/