Q1 2023

Q1 2023 | 49 Funding Made Easy banking technology to provide an easily accessible portal that allows clients to interact seamlessly with the company’s team of experienced lending experts. These experts are dedicated to giving entrepreneurs the attention and understanding they deserve, so they take the time to assess the specific situation of each business in order to provide the most suitable solution for them. The team at Funding Alternative is the backbone of its success, consisting of people with not only the necessary skills for the job, but also the right attitude. With deep commitment to the client at the heart of the company’s culture, all team members are dedicated to helping businesses succeed. Funding Alternative strongly believes that customer service is just as important as the solutions it provides, which is why the team goes the extra mile to ensure that clients are satisfied with its services. In the current uncertain climate, following the Covid-19 pandemic and in the midst of the costof-living crisis, small businesses have faced and are facing more challenges than ever. Traditional financial institutions played a critical role in delivering government lending schemes to SMEs, which has worked in their favour. Despite this, the pandemic has also accelerated the shift towards alternative finance among UK consumers and SMEs. Dedicated to serving the riskiest end of the UK economy, Funding Alternative is exposed to economic fluctuations. With inflation, rising interest rates and increased energy costs, many businesses are experiencing major impacts on profitability. As a result, SMEs need financing now more than ever, yet traditional institutions are limiting their lending in the current climate. Funding Alternative is committed to helping these businesses access what they need to survive and succeed. It is especially important for lenders to understand the specific needs of each business they serve, which is what Funding Alternative aims to do best. Throughout 2022, the firm achieved solid growth by working closely with a number of key introducers while expanding its core team. Moving into 2023, the firm plans to focus on boosting awareness of its BCA and SIF products and expanding its reach further. To facilitate this, it plans to increase the number of introducing partners it works with, aiming to double the number of businesses it lends to. Funding Alternative is committed to providing SMEs the most suitable lending solutions they need to grow. It believes that by extending its reach and increasing its visibility in the market, it can help even more businesses succeed. As a result of its innovative funding solutions and its dedication to small and medium sized businesses across the UK, Funding Alternative Ltd. has won Best SME Business Cash Advance Solution Provider, South East, in the UK Finance Awards 2022. With big plans for growth, there is no doubt that the company will continue to help SMEs achieve success. Contact: Warren Collocott 0207 183 3147; Serge Santos 0207 183 3547 Company: Funding Alternative Group Ltd. Web Address: https://fundingalternative.co.uk/ Email: applications@fundingalternative.co.uk “ The firm understands that larger financial institutions often overlook SMEs, so it focuses on providing suitable solutions to these smaller businesses to help them succeed and achieve their business goals. With flexible repayment structures tailored to turnover, Funding Alternative is perfect for smaller businesses who need funding for things like stock, additional staff, new equipment, cash flow management, new premises, one off projects, and refurbishment. ” “ The company utilises a unique lending model that combines Business Cash Advance (BCA) and Selective Invoice Financing (SIF) solutions, allowing it to provide customised and unsecured funding options. Its BCA product is designed to provide a flexible and short-term funding solution. ”