Q1 2023

Q1 2023 | 53 Feb23230 Best Seller Account & eCommerce Consultants The Appeal Guru is a consultancy firm for sellers within online marketplaces – primarily Amazon. Its appeal team strives to take a holistic approach to maintaining, improving, and re-instating seller accounts. Here we take a deeper look at its services as it gains its award-winning status from SME News. Selling online can seem daunting to begin with. However, Appeal Guru aids sellers with navigating e-commerce rules, regulations, and misconceptions – so that everyone can experience smooth selling and effortless account management. Aside from its expertise within the world of Amazon suspension appeal services, Appeal Guru knows how to prevent suspension, manage Amazon FBA partnerships, store growth, and PPC. From Amazon to Etsy and Walmart, Appeal Guru knows its way around e-commerce for different organisations. Appeal Guru is also well-equipped to help sellers navigate through bottlenecks that sellers face when developing their product range. Its services also include e-commerce start-ups, alongside its management of existing business and their fantastic growth rates under its watchful eye. As a Feefo Platinum Trust Service award winner, it offers aid from its respected virtual staff, ensuring each seller account is managed correctly – in order to grow each business rapidly, and in a stress-free manner. The team takes care of the admin so that its customers don’t feel weighed down by digital paperwork. Not only do Appeal Guru’s virtual staff members know exactly what they are doing, but they do so at a competitive rate. Its service is low cost, low stress, and high reward for any e-commerce seller. With over 1000 five-star reviews, Appeal Guru’s customers couldn’t be happier with its services. Ed said, “One of the best companies I’ve worked with in any industry. Chirag’s response time was incredibly quick each time and even though it took a while to get my account back, Appeal Guru were persistent and confident that they could get it back… and they did. Amazon can be quite strict when it comes to reinstating accounts, yet Appeal Guru were super professional the entire time and put in a lot of work to get my account back. Thanks so much!” Peter commented, “Fantastic service once again. Incredible knowledge of Amazon’s policies and what is needed to navigate the difficult appeal process for a deactivated account. Always responds to messages quickly and is available to speak to when needed. It’s scary having your selling account deactivated, but Appeal Guru makes everything very simple and allows me to stop worrying about it. Thank you.” For the future, Appeal Guru plans to continue offering its multi-faceted services directly tailored to suit the needs of any Amazon seller. With full understanding of the platform, Appeal Guru has the ability to tackle any Amazon-related issues, resulting in business growth. As our one-stop-shop for solutions, Appeal Guru has become the best reviewed suspension appeal service providers in around the globe. Already managing accounts amounting to over $200 million in revenue, with over 20000 appeals and suspensions prevented, The Appeal Guru has big plans in the pipeline. For now, it has won Best Seller Account & eCommerce Consultants – a huge accomplishment of which it is extremely proud. Contact: Brian Fang Company: The Appeal Guru Web Address: https://theappealguru.com/