Q1 2023

6 | Q1 2023 Nov22568 RVA Surveyors RVA Surveyors (RVA) is a family-owned, independent business rates reduction specialist offering services to business rate payers, whether commercial property owners or tenants, on a ‘no reduction, no fee’ basis. With core values of trust, transparency, progression, and support, RVA Surveyors has engaged with over 47,000 properties across England and Wales with an 85% success rate, with almost 50% of cases settled in just four weeks, and so far saving over £350 million for clients. RVA Surveyors was acquired by Steve Hughes in December 2011. At that time, it only had 12 employees, but the team fast expanded to 100 by 2020. However, during the pandemic, the company was forced to scale down to 50 people; with its business mainly conducted face-to-face, its operations essentially came to a halt. This didn’t stop its employees going above and beyond, though, and as a result of their massive effort, not only was the company able to hugely increase its client sign-ups during this time, but it also continued operating throughout the pandemic, and it was able welcome back its employees once restrictions eased. CEO, Steve Hughes tells us, “What is so satisfying to see as a family business is that our services in reducing business rates for an entire rating list period (the 2017 rating list was five years, for example) creates historic savings, as well as reduces future liabilities. By assisting commercial property owners and tenants through the business rate reduction process, we help businesses secure a much-needed cash boost that they may not have been aware of.” The Hughes family takes pride in its workforce for their dedication and for being long serving, embracing its “family within a family” atmosphere that emphasises growing and developing individuals from the local region. Over 20% of RVA’s current employees have been with the company for at least five years, and its longest serving team members have been with it for over 14 years – before Steve acquired the company. The business’s purpose is to simply reduce business rates, with the overall aim to sustainably grow through employing local people. The Hughes family members involved in making this happen at RVA are Steve Hughes, Anthony Hughes (managing director), Leanne Kelly (client liaison), and Kerry Hughes (administration). Steve says, “We believe that the business rates system is flawed, as we have found that 50% of all commercial properties reviewed could receive a reduction in their business rates liability. Inspecting every commercial property in England and Wales would allow us to take each case at its merit; ensuring that commercial property owners and occupiers are paying a fair and accurate tax. We offer services to business rate payers, whether commercial property owners or tenants, on a ‘no reduction, no fee’ basis.” He goes on to say, “Without a cohesive and happy workforce, we cannot work to the standards that our clients have come to expect from us. Our monthly peer review meetings are just as much about employees being able to communicate about opportunities they wish to take, as much as how we are able to support them inside and outside of the workplace.” In creating a sustainable future, two of the Hughes family’s values are hard work and progression, and one doesn’t happen without the other. RVA has an ongoing Junior Management & Team Leader training course which has launched again this February and is devoted to teaching its employees the skills they need to become the future leaders of the business. This programme was initially developed by Anthony Hughes with one very simple thought process – everyone deserves the same opportunities to move onwards and upwards. “This steady development has allowed us to dedicate time and effort into supporting our employees in both their physical and mental wellbeing,” says Anthony. “RVA Surveyor’s principles have always been employee- and client- based. Without a unified team, we cannot work to the standards that our clients have come to expect from us. From our partnership with the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Health Assured, which allows us to provide a 24/7, confidential, helpline for our employees, as well as the training of Mental Health First Aiders, to monthly peer review meetings where employees can express interest in upcoming opportunities, RVA have always put team members first.” The company launched its Graduate Scheme initiative in 2021, which enabled it to double its headcount within four months. In 2022, RVA Surveyors was determined to do even more , and as well as expanding the Graduate Scheme, opened up the Surveying programme in March last year , which led to the number of its internal surveyors doubling. It took on seven trainees through this tailored and intensive training programme, six of which completed the programme successfully. This programme is part of RVA’s wider plan to invest in new and existing employees as they expand throughout the year – Several of whom will soon be undertaking qualifications within the Institute of Revenues and Valuation (IRRV). Steve comments, “This quick intake of employees is a reflection on the increased demand of our services. It was RVA’s drive during the pandemic to exceed all previous standards and to create a new level of expected service that we could deliver – to clients, and our employees; both to those who have returned to our family, and those who have joined us more recently.” Now, there is less than a month left until the next revaluation, where thousands of pounds in savings will be lost if commercial property owners and tenants don’t review their business rates – Get in touch with RVA Surveyors today. Company: RVA Surveyors Contact: Molly Jackson-Holm (for press) Email: press@rvauk.com (press), webenquiries@rvauk.com (to speak with a savings specialist) Website: www.rvasurveyors.com Best Nationwide Business Rates Reduction Specialists 2022 Business Growth Excellence Award 2022