Q1 2024

Spanning the chemicals and pharmaceuticals sphere, as well as the financial and legal realm, manufacturing industry, and power industry, Envo EHS Consulting Ltd provides environmental consultancy services to businesses in the UK. Here we take a closer look at Envo EHS Consulting Ltd as it wins Environmental Consultancy of the Year 2024, North West England, from us at SME News. Leading Environmental Consulting in the Northwest Based in Cheshire, not far from Liverpool and Manchester, Envo EHS Consulting Ltd (ENVO) is a prominent, independent environmental consultancy firm with a passion for supporting its clients with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Environmental and Health and Safety Due-Diligence (EHSDD), and environmental compliance auditing services. Envo was established in 2019 by Founder and Director, Nick Biagetti – who has over 30 years of experience in the vital sector. Demonstrating his wealth of experience in the world of environmental consultancy, Nick has received many glowing testimonials from peers and clients. From a partner in a leading sustainability consultancy commented: “Nick is a confident and very competent project manager who is able to address complex projects and deliver client quality deliverables on time and on budget. He has many years of experience and is able to quickly assess risks and identify material issues and works to provide wellstructured analysis and solutions. A pleasure to work with!” A managing director of a leading Environmental Information Service company said: “Nick is one of the most experienced environmental consultants I know of in the field of environmental due diligence and environmental auditing. Our paths crossed many years ago at RPS and Barclays Bank Environmental Risk Management Unit and I always look forward to meeting up with Nick, whether professionally or socially. He is highly regarded in the consultancy world and always puts clients first.” Guiding ENVO to a very bright future indeed, Nick ensures that each and every client is taken care of in a highly respectful and competent manner. Nick, and his team, guarantee that their clients’ preferred outcomes can be delivered efficiently and sustainably to financial investors, trade clients, and environmental consultancies in the UK – and the rest of the world. Working tirelessly to provide unrivalled EHSDD and environmental compliance auditing to clients within varying industries and sectors, from pharmaceuticals to legal, manufacturing to power, food and beverage to chemicals, and so much more, ENVO’s focus is on client service excellence, versatility, and professionalism. Reducing risks, liabilities, and costs, while supporting clients throughout a diverse range of concerns, ENVO doesn’t simply manage expectations – it exceeds them. Envo increases all investor returns in a sustainable and responsible manner, following all regulatory compliance processes, in order to add substantial value to its clients’ business transactions. With unwavering commitment to his industry, Nick ensures that ENVO acts as a buttress for all. He helps to deliver a plethora of services which are received in a timely and consistent manner, resulting in happy clients and brilliant business growth. Building and reinforcing its EHS compliance auditing and ESG advisory services to its roster has been central to the overall evolution of ENVO’s offerings, and Nick tells us that this will continue into the next five years to come. After being nominated in the Halton Business Awards for the ‘Business Start up of the Year’ and ‘Green Business of the Year’ in both 2022 and 2023, Envo has now been bestowed with the prestigious title of Environmental Consultancy of the Year 2024 – North West England. 2024 is set to be an exciting time of further achievements for ENVO. This particular environmental consultant in the Northwest knows no bounds, and we look forward to seeing what the firm does next – especially as he holds the torch for Envo EHS Consulting Ltd and all of its clients. Contact Details Contact: Nick Biagetti Company: Envo EHS Consulting Ltd Web Address: https://envoehs.co.uk/