Q1 2024

Based in the heart of Glasgow’s city centre, with branches extending as far as Irvine, Ayr, and Clydebank, John Stewart Jewellers is a retailer and manufacturer of the everyday exquisite. It has poured its heart into compiling a catalogue that promises wearable elegance, whether it’s creating, repairing, or retailing individual pieces of jewellery, in the hopes that the people of Scotland can finally indulge in the quality craftsmanship they deserve. John Stewart Jewellers exists as a means to bring first class jewellery to its customers, and ensures value for money through the exceptional talent of its own craftsmen. By using cutting edge modern jewellery manufacturing techniques, this renowned retailer has certainly managed to continuously make quite the impression. Additionally, John Stewart Jewellers manufactures pieces for its wholesale business, from which is supplies some of the UK’s largest retailers. Partnered with its collaboration with some of the most notable brands across the world, from Mancini to Nomination and Hot Diamonds, John Stewart Jewellers grants customers access to a varied selection of pieces to choose from. Regardless of whether an individual prefers a more understated silver addition to their outfit, or are seeking a splash of diamond-encrusted gold to enhance their elegant ensemble, John Stewart Jewellers makes sure to deliver each and every time. This is only made possible thanks to each branch possessing an experienced working jeweller, ready to carry out faultless repair work, whilst also providing useful information to settle any query. John Stewart Jewellers is in the business of providing jewellery to the highest level of quality possible, and utilises every asset at its disposal to consistently achieve its overarching goal of perfection. Not only is its repair work always completed to the highest possible standard, but its manufacturing workshop allows its highly trained jewellers to remodel well-loved pieces, or even manufacture one-off commissions. In combination with a free consultation service, John Stewart Jewellers guarantees accessibility, convenience, and, above all else, quality at every turn. Regardless of a customer’s request, John Stewart Jewellers prides itself on its ability to cater to their every need. It’s a collective that is exceptionally grateful for its Scottish roots, and it utilises this very nature to remain grounded within its home, while still managing to carry out extensive, research-centric travels. Combine this with a tight-knit team of passionate individuals, each eager to see the business succeed more and more each day, and you’ve got a jewellers that understands the illustrious nature of its profession, and fully brings this very characteristic to life through each piece of jewellery. SME News revels in bringing attention to those who deserve it the most, and John Stewart Jewellers is no exception. Its eye for excellence within the jewellery market is simply unparalleled, allowing it to consistently provide pieces that dazzle and amaze even the most diverse tastes. No step of the manufacturing process is overlooked, ultimately resulting in a catalogue that’s brimming with exquisite quality from start to finish. For this very reason, we believe John Stewart Jewellers is more than deserving of a place in the spotlight. And with such a forward-thinking ethos behind it, we’re sure that this award-winning jewellers will only continue to thrive throughout 2024. Contact: Stewart Morgan Company: John Stewart Jewellers Web Address: https://johnstewartjewellers.com/ Since opening its doors all the way back in 1987, John Stewart Jewellers has been home to a brimming selection of jewellery pieces. Whether it’s crafting ornate rings that fully realise the intrinsic beauty of a diamond, or fashioning everlasting bracelets from gold of the highest calibre, there’s an underlying essence of timelessness that accompanies each and every product. Below, we explore how John Stewart Jewellers’ illustrious catalogue of jewellery has made it a staple of Scotland’s jewellery sphere. Best Family-Run Jewellery Manufacturer & Retailer 2023