Q1 2024

SME News Q1 2024 / 22 UK’s #1 Supplier of Vinyl Vehicle Livery for 25 Years Bluelite Graphics, your premier destination for top-notch graphic solutions. Established in 1997, the company has evolved into the UK’s preferred supplier of conspicuity livery to the emergency services. With a distinguished reputation for quality, innovation, and unwavering customer support, its team stand as experts in supplying vinyl vehicle livery design kits and specialist materials to a signi cant percentage of police, re, and ambulance services across the UK. Recognised by SME News as Best Emergency Vehicle Graphics Provider 2024 – UK, we learn more about what makes Bluelite Graphics the worthy recipient of this accolade. Transforming Ideas into Vibrant Visuals: The Bluelite Graphics team specialise in transforming your requirements and ideas into vibrant visuals that elevate your brand and captivate your audience. Whether you are out tting your eet with re ective vehicle graphics, enhancing your brand with bespoke signage, or exploring the art of embroidery for a personalised touch – Bluelite Graphics has got you covered. The team’s extensive expertise allows them to offer a comprehensive range of graphic solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. Innovation Beyond Boundaries: What sets Bluelite Graphics apart is not just its experience, but its commitment to innovation. Introducing the exclusive Crash Interactive Portal, a cutting-edge tool revolutionising the collision resolution process. Seamlessly replacing panels has never been easier – log in, choose the parts you need, and experience the efficiency of this digital approach. Simplify accident reconstruction with Instant Digital Access – every order comes with a QR code, ensuring immediate entry to your vehicle’s digital drawing for added convenience. Over 25 Years of Excellence: Incorporated in 1997, Bluelite Graphics has garnered a reputation for quality, innovation, and customer support over the years. Originally trading as Halo Bluelite, its name was changed in 2006 to better re ect the diverse range of activities undertaken by the business. Celebrating over 25 years of vehicle design livery, it takes pride in being one of the rst suppliers for emergency services across the UK. A Commitment to Sustainability: Bluelite Graphics’ commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in its ethos. The company generates around half of its electricity demand through solar power, re ecting its dedication to environmentally friendly practices. Moreover, it has implemented waste and recycling policies, eliminating the use of bubble-wrap and other single-use plastics. As an early adopter of new-generation vehicle livery materials offering environmental bene ts over traditional vinyls, it continues to strive for a greener future. Quality Management and Environmental Responsibility: Bluelite Graphics is proud to be accredited to ISO9001 for quality management and ISO14001 for environmental management. These certi cations re ect its commitment to delivering top-notch quality while minimising our impact on the environment. In conclusion, nd everything you require for vehicle livery, markings, signage, and large format graphics all conveniently under one roof. Bluelite Graphics is your comprehensive destination, offering a seamless and efficient solution to meet all your graphic needs. Company: Bluelite Graphics Ltd Email: sales@bluelitegraphics.com Website: www.bluelitegraphics.com