Q1 2024

SME News Q1 2024 / 30 How JSL Essentials Became My Curly Hair Holy Grail From the moment I was born, my hair was all anyone would ever talk about. Often times, strangers would ask my mother if she had placed a wig on me - a newborn baby – while out doing her weekly shop. When I grew up, the attention turned towards my plentiful curls. So, as someone who has tackled the untameable beast that is thick, long, curly hair for over two decades, I like to believe I’m something of an expert. And yet, I had never managed to find a means to really define the curls that I love so much. That is until I bought from JSL Essentials – a brand whose products redefined how I saw my hair, and became my curly hair holy grail. Growing up with curly hair, I definitely struggled to make it work in my favour. In my younger years, it would tangle and knot, as opposed to forming those lovely little princess-like ringlets that almost all little girls crave. In my teenage years, brushing it turned it into a frizzy mess of indistinguishable waves that I desperately tried to tame with thorough straightening. Hairdressers would pale at the sight of the thick, tailbonelength jumble of half-curls, before preparing themselves for the mammoth task ahead. It wasn’t until I reached adulthood and cut my hair to shoulder length that I finally took a stand. My hair would do what I wanted it to. Except, it didn’t. Though I managed to regain my curls, the moment my hair grew beyond a certain length, those very same curls would begin to droop. It quickly became apparent that I had hair that just seemed limp and lifeless – hair trying to spring into the curls that it was genetically programmed to form, but not quite getting the boost it needed. In short, it was a bit of a mess. A little frizz here, a few sad curls there. It was better, but it wasn’t what I wanted. Not until, upon writing an article for LUXLife 2023’s Global Vegan Awards, I happened upon award-winning JSL Essentials – a brand that seemingly had the solution I’d been searching for. Comprised of all-natural ingredients, and endorsed by many curlyhaired ladies like myself, I simply couldn’t say no. And so, I treated myself to JSL Essentials’ 250ml bottle of Lemongrass & Jasmine Curl Defining Jelly, hoping that somehow I’d finally discovered a means to help my curls find the shape they had been striving to form throughout the years. Well, the difference was night and day – so much so that even my hairdresser mentioned the change. From the moment I applied JSL Essentials’ Curl Defining Jelly, I immediately noticed two things – that my hair actually had a structure to it, and that it smelled absolutely divine. JSL Essentials, thanks to its commitment to all-natural ingredients, brings a consistency, scent, and effectiveness to its products that I’ve never once experienced with any other product of a similar nature. I genuinely believed I’d stumbled upon bottled magic. Now, I simply can’t go without it, and everyone in my life has heard about it. JSL Essentials has become my go-to for any and all curly-hair products, and I’m exceptionally eager to also start integrating its skincare products into my nightly routine in the near future. Applying both its Lemongrass & Jasmine Volumizing Curl Foam and Curl Defining Jelly in combination with one another has become my recipe for perfectly structured curls, and it feels like such a treat to end my night with. Partner the products’ exceptional performance with its founder Katie’s delightful personality, and wonderous customer service, and you’ve got a brand that has remained the UK’s best kept secret for far too long. If, like me, you’ve found yourself battling your curls, I couldn’t recommend JSL Essentials enough. Take it from me – it is possible to take control of your hair, and JSL Essentials provides a healthy, natural means of doing so. And at such an affordable price point, there’s no doubt that Katie’s handmade, allnatural products will continue to be a staple of my haircare routine for the foreseeable future. Contact: Katie Warner Company: JSL Essentials Web Address: https://jslessentials.com/