Q1 2024

Any collector of coveted anime, gaming, and donghua merchandise will tell you that doing so without a proxy can feel near impossible at times. Be it due to shipping and import costs, language barriers, or other tricky factors, it’s a difficult task that can leave most feeling defeated. Having recognised this as a fellow collector themselves, Nick Sontag longed for a store that carried character merchandise at an affordable price – one that had yet to exist on the market. And so, Mahou Nippon was born. Now granting collectors access to regional merchandise, Mahou Nippon has truly changed the game. Mahou Nippon – A Gaming and Anime Collector’s Best Friend Before Mahou Nippon came to be, it was common for collectors across the UK to face challenges when searching for affordable, and readily available, merchandise. Be it anime, gaming, or donghua items, many would find themselves either facing monumental shipping costs, or having to use proxies that were often times difficult to navigate. And, when it came to merchandise that could only be purchased in-person from select, limited-time locations throughout Japan and China, the chances of getting one’s hands on such items became a sheer impossibility. Yet, with Mahou Nippon’s help, collectors finally have a direct – and friendly – link to their most coveted items. Capable of obtaining all manner of merchandise – from PVC figures and acrylic display stands to limited edition clothing and apparel – Mahou Nippon has quickly become a renowned name across many UK anime, gaming, and donghua collectors. When the business isn’t frequenting conventions throughout the country, it’s building up its catalogue of ever-growing series, all to make it far easier for individuals to finally add to their collections. Gone are the days of needing to translate proxy websites and personally manage the tricky shipping and import fees; Mahou Nippon takes care of the entire process itself. This further extends to Nick’s ability to source items on request, should they have access to a means of acquiring said pieces of merchandise. After all, nobody understands the struggle better than Nick, allowing them to use Mahou Nippon as a conduit for the hopes that they had as a collector themselves. They had always wished that someone would take the initiative and create a merchandise store that brought the spoils of their favourite shows to their shelves – it just so happened that, in the end, they were the very person who took the plunge and did it themselves. Though fandom and anime series come and go, Nick is always on the ball in order to cater to the ever-changing needs of their customers. They recognise how versatile the world of collecting can be, and has ensured that Mahou Nippon remains dependable and flexible, no matter the emerging trend. This is, of course, made possible through Mahou Nippon’s persistent convention presence, through which Nick can learn of the merchandise that their customer base is currently seeking, and prepare their business to secure these very items as far in advance as possible. In doing so, they have crafted a reliable source of exclusive merchandise, made easily accessible for collectors across the UK. Nick has always dreamed of being able to take business trips to locations like Japan, and now, through Mahou Nippon, they have been able to live this dream time and time again. Not only do they frequent roughly three conventions per month, but they’re able to take two business trips to Japan per year to indulge in the art of discovering the world’s most elusive pieces of anime and gaming merchandise. And, with the help of their friends and sister, they have crafted a fantastic platform in Mahou Nippon’s website – a hub where customers can access convenient and trustworthy services at just the click of a button. It hasn’t been a straightforward process, and it was never guaranteed to succeed, but Mahou Nippon has become a dependable outlet through which almost any anime, gaming, and donghua merchandise collector can source the next addition to their collection. SME News is constantly on the hunt for individuals who display passion and determination in abundance via their businesses. Nick Sontag is no exception. Their love for anime, gaming, and danmei has placed them in the perfect position to spread their passion to those who share it – a trait that truly defines Mahou Nippon as a business. We wish Nick the very best as they continue to grow Mahou Nippon into something beyond exceptional. Contact: Nick Sontag Company: Mahou Nippon Web Address: https://mahounippon.com/