Q1 2024

SME News Q1 2024 / 34 Building connections that last LEAP Create is a tight-knit team of experts building those crucial connections between employers and their teams. Winning the title of Best Creative Digital Employer Branding Company 2024 for South East England, they are in the business of making the world of work a better place for everyone. Whether employer branding, recruitment marketing, enhancing candidate experiences, or boosting employee engagement, they’re equipped to tackle challenges of every shape and size. A blend of talents, each member of the LEAP Create team is enthusiastic about creating work that adds value to every client. As a celebrated agency specialising in employer brand and internal communications, they truly understand the nuances of communicating an organisation’s culture. This understanding comes from a broad portfolio of work with global names and local businesses across almost every sector. They are active contributors to the employer brand community. Take their LEAP Listens podcast, for instance, where they share insights from global experts, or The EB Meet-Up, a non-sales zone for industry professionals to discuss the latest topics in person. Outside the day job, these creations are part of their bigger goal: to create open communities that work together to improve the industry. LEAP Create’s values of Learning, Expertise, Artistry, and People (the keen-eyed will spot an acronym) embody authenticity. Creativity and communication are the lifeblood of any agency, and they proudly lead the charge with an array of services. Peek into the heart of LEAP Create, and you'll find a burning ambition to change how organisations bond with their teams. They're moving past the old transactional view of employment to create a sense of community and deep mutual understanding. Clients choose LEAP Create because they promise a suite of finely tuned services with an approach that marries strategic savvy with creative zest, always putting people first. In the words of LEAP Create, “Our products and services aren’t just about meeting needs – they're about building relationships. With us, it's never just business as usual; it's about building campaigns and experiences that resonate. We do work that works.”. This heartfelt approach hasn't gone unnoticed. SME Magazine has named the company as the Best Creative Digital Employer Branding Company for 2024 in South East England. The team’s dedication to creating a brighter future for employers and employees is not just praiseworthy; it's impactful, especially as they navigate the complexities of the digital era. In a world where personal connections are becoming more challenging to forge, LEAP Create ensures we always remember the power of good communication. Contact: Sara MacGregor Company: LEAP Create Web Address: https://leapcreate.co.uk