Q1 2024

In the vast world of transport, there has been an ever-pressing need for zero emissions solutions that hold the potential to seamlessly transition us into a greener future. In response to this outcry, Paua came to be. Now holder of SME Magazine’s Best Electric Vehicle Fuel Card 2024 title, Paua is an experienced collective whose on-hand work with electric vehicles has allowed it to build the UK’s leading EV charging solution. Below, we explore how Paua has leveraged talent and foresight to create the building blocks of an all new EV charging system. The Face of a Zero Emissions Future With over 43,000 charge point connectors spanning across 14,000 locations, Paua has quickly become the UK’s most recognised source of EV charging solutions. Its capabilities have propelled it towards ensuring that business drivers can take full advantage of access to 51% of the UK’s connector base, with 71% of these promising rapid charges, no matter the vehicle. As such, Paua is easily the region’s largest and fastest aggregated network in the UK – a quality that has served it exceptionally well in its avid pursuit of a better future for the transport industry as a whole. Now, drivers have the chance to charge at popular brands across the region. From GRIDSERVE, Instavolt, and AppleGreen, to MFG, ChargePlace Scotland, Dragon Energy, Ionity, and Osprey, there’s no shortage of options for those seeking a quicker, yet greener, way of keeping their vehicle running. In addition, each charger is digitally connected to a streamlined capturing system – one that manages to keep data in one place, and tally up a single monthly invoice. This digital nature promises to take into account where charging takes place, when it takes place, and who is incurring the highest overstay fee, all in order to assist with a smooth transition for any fleet. However, if we were to focus our attention on one particular aspect of Paua that has completely changed the game, we needn’t look further than its home reimbursement solution. This solution – aptly titled Paua Reimburse – enables drivers to seek fair compensation for their mileage both while on the road and charging at home, and it was built by working with Royal Mail. In essence, it’s a home charger agnostic solution that’s integrated with market leading public EV charging solutions, allowing straightforward reimbursement for at-home charging. In presenting this option to individuals across the UK, Paua hopes that it can encourage any and all to make the switch to an emission free form of transport. Paua, and more so Paua Reimburse, reflects an aspirational vision for the future. It delivers technology that’s built to accurately capture all of the essential information required to bridge the compensation gap for EV drivers. As such, it ensures that they’re fairly reimbursed for their active charging efforts, be it on business trips, or simply wherever they may need to charge. No matter the vehicle, Paua Reimburse guarantees that all drivers can benefit from its unique insight into what the future of transport should look like, ultimately resulting in it becoming the UK’s definitive choice for EV charging solutions. Truly, Paua is a company that is using its immense understanding of the market to make a real change – a change that will no doubt become the foundation of an EVcentric transport world. SME Magazine understands that there are those within their respective markets who deserve to have all eyes on them as they rise above the rest, Paua is one such collective – one whose sights have never faltered. Sights that, backed by boundless talent and impeccable industry insight, are undoubtedly evolving beyond a simple concept. Paua stands as a testament to the capabilities of EV charging solutions, should one be driven enough to seize it brimming potential, and we couldn’t be more excited to see how its ingenious solutions become a crucial part of reshaping the future of the UK’s transport sector. Contact: Niall Riddell Company: Paua Web Address: https://www.pauatech.com/about-us