Q1 2024

Based in Solihull, Cakes By Adele is a successful small business owned and operated by skilled Cake Maker Adele Calic. She creates bespoke cakes and sweet treats for special occasions, striving to listen to her customers’ needs and desires in order to bring their dream cakes to life. Here, we explore Adele’s work in the wake of her recent success in the Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023. Celebration Cake Maker of the Year 2023 - Borough of Solihull Dating back a number of centuries, the act of celebrating a special occasion with a cake has become a popular tradition that is embedded within many cultures, passed down from generation to generation. Today, cakes continue to be used to mark significant milestones and accomplishments, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and promotions. There are many reasons why people have come to believe that a party isn’t a party without a cake. Firstly, the sight of a beautifully decorated cake instantly creates a sense of joy and festivity, enhancing peoples’ moods. Secondly, known for their delicious flavours and textures, cakes are often associated with happiness and the feeling of indulging in a special treat. This makes them the perfect centrepiece for any event. Lastly, cutting and sharing a cake is a communal activity that brings people together, encouraging interaction amongst guests. Considering their importance in celebration, it is no surprise that many people like to go all out when choosing a cake for their own or a loved one’s party. No matter the occasion, Cakes By Adele will design and create the perfect cake, bringing customers’ visions to life. Using high-quality ingredients and maintaining the utmost attention to detail, Adele crafts beautiful cakes that taste just as good as they look. On her Instagram and Facebook pages, anyone interested can take a look at Adele’s impressive work. Recently, for a 21st birthday celebration, she created a delightful heartshaped Lambeth-style cake and decorated it with handmade cherries. She also made an impressive Spiderman-themed cake for a third birthday party, adding edible toppers to an iced vanilla sponge cake filled with jam and buttercream. Whilst cakes are her focus, Adele understands that some people are not huge lovers of cake but would still like an extravagant centrepiece for their celebration. To cater to their needs, Adele creates beautiful stacks of other sweet treats. For example, she recently crafted a unique structure using chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla macarons, before decorating it with personalised toppers and a fabulous butterfly piece. Another customer requested a stack of various traybakes, including millionaire’s shortbread, brownies, and cookies. Adele completed this grand creation by adding bueno bars, hippos, and various Cadbury’s chocolates. For her incredible work, Adele Calic was named Celebration Cake Maker of the Year, Borough of Solihull, in the Northern Enterprise Awards 2023. Anyone interested in purchasing a sweet treat from her is invited to reach out through social media to enquire about her availability. To secure the date they want, customers must first provide a £20 deposit. Contact Details Contact: Adele Calic Company: Cakes By Adele Solihull Web Address: www.cakesbyadele.co.uk