Q1 2024

Developed by those who understand the ins and outs of organising business travel for events and business trips, ScrivenAir is a collective whose highly capable team has managed to blend together individual skills to build something greater. Of course, that ‘something greater’ is ScrivenAir, the region’s definitive choice for businesses looking to alleviate the stress that accompanies planning such a large, involved trip. Instead of leaving companies to fend for themselves, ScrivenAir steps in to lend a much needed helping hand in an array of avenues. Whether a client is in need of flexible arrangements, ticket banking assistance, or travelling in comfortable style, ScrivenAir is there to assist. Comprised of a collection of talented individuals, ScrivenAir promises experience when operating alongside its clients. Every person under the ScrivenAir umbrella is well-versed in the world of travel, whether they have frequently travelled for events, travel for a living, or have affiliations and connections with big name travel companies. As such, they’re beyond equipped to ensure each client receives the highest level of care possible. Not only is ScrivenAir capable of securing quality business class seats for any who may need to work throughout the duration of their flight, but it manages to leverage its connections to ensure that such quality doesn’t incur any unnecessary costs. It’s this nature that has earned ScrivenAir such renown within its field, and it’s what has allowed it to distinguish itself from its competitors. Of course, ScrivenAir wouldn’t be able to offer such stellar services were it not for the influence of its founder, Neil Scrivener. For over fifteen years, Neil has been a frequent flier when it comes to global business trips, granting him an in-depth insight into both the highs and lows of such a process. Combined with his qualifications as a pilot, Neil opted to fill the industry’s gaps to the best of his abilities. ScrivenAir was his solution – a flexible provider of hotels and flights, complete with quick response times and exceptional levels of flexibility. Accompanied by his business partner James Anderson, a commercial aviation guru and former commercial pilot, Neil created something truly meaningful within the pair’s mutually adored sector. Now, ScrivenAir stands as the region’s penultimate specialist in corporate travel, granting businesses across the world access to comprehensive services that truly cater to their unique needs. It’s clear that ScrivenAir prides itself on its ability to adapt and adjust to whatever may be required of it, and it’s this very trait that makes it such an alluring option. Companies needn’t carry the stress of travelling as a collective anymore – ScrivenAir is ready and waiting to ease the strain on behalf of its clients’ intricate needs. Over recent years, the travel industry has become extremely turbulent. Thankfully, there are those who remain reliable and steadfast, no matter how treacherous the waters may get. ScrivenAir is one such company – a provider willing to do whatever it must in order to guarantee an enjoyable business trip in every possible vein. In turn, ScrivenAir has earned itself a place among the greats, and we’re sure that it’ll only continue to soar to new heights as we progress further into 2024. Contact: Neil Scrivener Company: ScrivenAir Ltd Web Address: https://www.scrivenair.com/ Equipped with a vast wealth of experience in the world of business and event travel, ScrivenAir has quickly become the region’s most dependable travel expert for companies in need of a companion when booking their trips. Able to take into account every aspect, from sudden, last-minute schedule changes to logistics management, ScrivenAir specialises in delivering out of the box solutions that are designed to take any and all pressure off of its clients. This is what defines ScrivenAir, and we take a closer look into how its unique approaches have earned it its place in the spotlight. Business Travel Experts of the Year - South East England