Q1 2024

SME News Q1 2024 / 46 Lorry Loader Service Providers of the Year 2023 Central Hiab Hire Ltd operates across Central Scotland, offering customers a well-respected Hiab hire and general haulage service that spans across borders, complete with a flexible and professional approach. The company got its start almost ten years ago, when David Arthur purchased his first truck. Despite having no prior experience with haulage or lorry loaders, David’s enthusiasm spoke volumes and he was determined to learn the skills necessary to build a business that was exemplary in both ethos and execution. A short while later, David found one truck was not enough to sustain the business he was getting, and after hiring a second vehicle and driver, David never looked back, with continued growth transpiring ever since. While he may have got his start driving, David Arthur soon realised that he was much too busy to be able to find the time to drive and manage the business effectively, and soon began operating from the office on a full-time basis. To fill the hole that was left behind, David allocated drivers to all of the vehicles in his ever-expanding fleet, with the results being a team that are now wholly dedicated to seeing the company succeed, with their hard work underpinning exactly what it is that Central Hiab Hire is all about. Along the way, the business has made several lifelong friends in the form of both business partners and customers, something that David believes to be essential in a small business’ success. After almost a decade in operation, the company is proud to have become the first port of call for many customers, as well as their preferred hauler of choice when it comes to repeat jobs. Three defining elements comprise the services that Central Hiab Hire offers, with abnormal load transportation and container transport being mainstays in addition to the exemplary Hiab hire service. The basis of this trifecta of services being able to be offered so effectively is the business’ convenient location, with it being situated in the small town of Coatbridge, about eight-and-a-half miles from Glasgow. From such a location, the company is well situated to service local areas and even the wider UK when necessary. When it comes to defining the company’s main goals, these are centred around continuous innovation, with the business’ modern fleet of vehicles not only being one of its key selling points to consumers, but also the open secret to its success. In developing Central Hiab Hire over the next couple of years, one of the top priorities for the business is continuing to expand said fleet, which will enable it to uphold its stellar reputation and continue to offer an outstanding service to customers. Although its fleet has proven integral to the company’s success, another defining feature has been its consistent striving to always go that extra mile for customers, sharing its knowledge and offering the best advice available. On the back of such exemplary service, the client portfolio that has been amassed by Central Hiab Hire is expansive, with its equipment hire service being used by those in the commercial, industrial, agricultural, and building industries alike. All of the Hiab vehicles that are available for hire come with the option to include either straps, chains, or lifting beams based on personal preference, thus, they serve as the ideal solution for those seeking to deal with heavy, complex, or abnormal loads. There are other ways that Central Hiab Hire can assist its clients, even going as far as to plan the best and most convenient route and helping to secure all of the necessary documentation and paperwork ahead of departure. Equally as reliable when it comes to transporting heavy loads, the company’s prime location makes it the service of choice for transportation to the nearby towns and cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Falkirk, and Stirling, but the team are also happy to traverse wider areas of the UK for their clients. Consultants are on hand to take calls and discuss with clients the very best way to get their load from point A to point B, and in addition to the aforementioned route plan, planning in other areas is too carried out, something that a client can be sure is undertaken to the highest calibre by well-experienced drivers and operators who are proud members of the Road Haulage Association. Container transportation and handling is also something that this team excel at, having worked with a multitude of commercial clients who appreciate the flexibility of the service on offer and how easy it is to get the ball rolling. Working safely and to time are two things that are afforded the uppermost priority, with Central Hiab Hire’s drivers ensuring the seamless transportation of goods in a swift, safe manner. Aiding them in this mission is a series of advanced and robust loading equipment, which means that various sizes and weights of containers can be lifted and manoeuvred, even in the tightest of spaces, with a further qualification to work at height only adding to the company’s distinctions. More recently, in 2023, the team’s keen eye on the wider industry and market developments resulted in them noticing a considerable gap in the market regarding small fuel deliveries at building sites across the region. It became increasingly commonplace for those within the company to hear about the difficulties of partner organisations or others in the industries to secure fuel deliveries for their generators and machinery, with the problem instead having to be solved by people handling their fuel in cans. To remedy this, offshoot Central Fuels was started by David and the team, specialising in the undertaking of small deliveries and saving sites the hassle of having to handle fuel, with the team filling the machinery directly. This newest service serves as just one of the ways that the company is continuing to distinguish itself from the competition and fill the role of one of the UK’s chief lorry-loading service providers. One does not just have to take our word for it, with a series of five-star reviews corroborating these claims. One such review comes from client Fran A., who had this to say of the company, “after requesting Central Hiab's services for several events [I] set up, I can assert that their service and professionalism are beyond any doubt. They are a reliable company that always comply with what they promise, with a friendly and efficient approach.” A proud Scottish business playing its part in supporting local businesses and the country’s wider economy, Central Hiab Hire Ltd serves as the transportation partner of choice for heavy loads, lifting and shifting in a hassle-free manner that is sure to keep clients returning to its services time and again. From its humble origins almost a decade ago to being featured in this awards programme as Lorry Loader Service Providers of the Year 2023, the journey undertaken by the company has not always been an easy one, but David Arthur and his team can be proud of everything that they have achieved, and with the company showing no signs of slowing down, its future appears to be incredibly bright. Contact: David Arthur Company: Central Hiab Hire Ltd Web Address: www.centralhiab.co.uk