Q1 2024

SME News Q1 2024 / 48 Youth Care Service Provider of the Year 2023 - Greater London Nothing is more important than protecting the physical and emotional wellbeing of the next generation. Our children are our future, and they deserve to be nurtured in order to flourish into the best versions of themselves upon reaching adulthood. Looking to ensure this very outcome is Back to Back Care, Greater London’s definitive youth care service provider. Back to Back Care has its sights set on providing personalised opportunities to young people, all while promising a healthy, safe environment in which they can thrive. Below, we venture into how Back to Back Care is playing an active role in enriching the country’s most integral age demographic. Crafted around the ethos of ‘providing high quality care and support across the whole social care spectrum for young people’, Back to Back Care has become a safe haven for people between the ages of 16 and 25 who may be in dire need of a little additional support. Keeping the next generation protected from harmful situations is where Back to Back Care specialises, and it goes the extra mile to ensure that, alongside providing an integrated and cohesive range of opportunities to the young people in its care, it also grants them access to a safe environment. Whether this takes the form of 24 hour supported accommodation, training flats, or standalone units across both inner and outer London, Back to Back Care is prepared to make individuals feel safe, cared for, and heard. Back to Back Care prides itself on its methodology – one that looks to address any and all problems that may be preventing young people from reaching the fulfilling future that they deserve. By creating a safe, child-centered environment in which young people can develop in a healthy way, the collective leverages its ability to recognise all aspects of a young person’s physical, mental, and emotional health to determine the best path forward for them. It recognises that many external factors contribute toward various situations, resulting in an approach that’s wholly structured around the individual. Only then can Back to Back Care’s team of professionally trained experts begin determining the ideal solutions for each young person. Becoming a part of an individual’s growth journey is what drives Back to Back Care each and every day. Its entire inception centres around the betterment of disadvantaged situations, ultimately transforming them into opportunities for young people who may feel stuck or lost in life. As opposed to leaving them to fend for themselves, Back to Back Care instead steps in to lend a helping hand – from enforcing the ideology that all children are capable of making changes, forming attachments, engaging, and achieving, to placing independence back into their hands. In doing so, they can make informed decisions regarding their lives and futures, without being constrained by their respective situations. Whether a young person is in need of supported housing, behaviour management assistance, therapeutic intervention, education, or even private tutoring if required, Back to Back Care is fully equipped to do what it must in order to secure a better future for them. Its services are simply invaluable, and the dedication that it displays toward its craft puts it leagues ahead of similar organisations. There’s a resounding devotion that echoes throughout the entire collective, establishing it as a selfless provider whose commitment to young peoples’ successful futures is clearly everlasting. As such, individuals across Greater London are able to have hope that, no matter their circumstances, Back to Back Care will be there to empower and uplift them through it all. Contact: Manisha Patel Company: Back to Back Care Ltd Web Address: https://www.backtobackcare.co.uk/