Q1 2024

Following a decade of experience within the accountancy sphere, the director of Octopus Accounting came to a worrying conclusion – there weren’t any services that were specifically centred around drivers. Something had to change, and so, in 2017, Octopus Accounting came to be. Established in the hopes of becoming the UK’s leading driver specialist accountant, this innovative firm takes the age old practise of accounting and breathes new life into it entirely. Now, it has partnerships within Amazon, DPD, City Sprint, and many more companies, assisting self-employed drivers in becoming both compliant with regulations while encouraging tax efficiency. In essence, Octopus Accounting delivers all-inclusive services that exist to guide today’s drivers through all of their accounting needs, especially ones that emerge when travelling the route of self-employment. Maintaining a firm grasp on your accounts when managing every aspect yourself is no easy feat, which is why Octopus Accounting promises to step in to lend a helping hand. In turn, drivers can benefit from tailored guidance that is specifically crafted around their individual needs. And, thanks to Octopus Accounting’s in-depth understanding of the logistics and driving industry, there truly is no firm better suited to the task. Though the services that Octopus Accounting offers are invaluable in their own right, it’s the firm’s overarching attitude that sets it apart within the industry. Not only has it homed in on a demand that had often times been overlooked across the accounting market, but it has done so while ensuring that its approaches are streamlined, accessible, and friendly above all else. Industry jargon can be difficult for even the most adept of minds to get their heads around from time to time, and can often result in an unwanted disconnect between firm and client. Understanding this, Octopus Accounting has adapted a personalised approach to its work – one that promises to place faces behind the names, and connect with drivers in an authentic manner. Whether it’s assisting van drivers, uber drivers, courier drivers, HGV drivers, same day delivery drivers, or owner drivers with their compliance and tax efficiency, Octopus Account is proud to offer its services wherever they may be needed. Operating outside of typical 9-5 hours, and delivering services that transcend the accounting industry’s restrictions, the firm has made its amicable nature known, and it’s this very trait that makes Octopus Accounting such a pleasurable partner throughout the entire experience. Its team is comprised of real people, each eager to remain that way throughout each client interaction. In doing so, it delivers an involved, yet personable experience, no matter how complex a client’s needs may be. SME News is all about keeping an eye on those that are doing things differently to the majority of their respective markets. In the case of accounting, no collective within the North West of England has mastered the art of standing out more than Octopus Accounting. With a fantastic attitude toward bringing a new voice to the industry – one that uplifts drivers across the region – there simply is no better pick for the title of Best Commercial Driving Accounting Firm 2024 - North West England. Contact: Adele Shaw Company: Octopus Accounting Web Address: https://octopusaccounts.co.uk Initially kickstarted in response to the severe lack of accountancy services that directly catered to drivers, Octopus Accountancy began a pursuit of excellence that has repeatedly heralded results for all manner of clients. Formed in 2017, the company has since defined itself as the definitive choice for divers who, until now, have had to settle for less than what they deserve. This commitment is what has earned Octopus Accountancy the title of Best Commercial Driving Accounting Firm 2024 - North West England, and we take a look into how it has brought desperately needed variety to the world of driving accounting. Driving Accountancy Done Right