Q1 2024

SME News Q1 2024 / 56 Pet Grooming Service Provider of the Year 2023 - North West Any owner of a dog with a more demanding coat will tell you that upkeeping their grooming schedule plays a primary role in enhancing not only how they look, but how they feel. However, in order to ensure their pups are reaping all of the benefits of a quality cut, owners must first seek out a groomer who understands how to manage any challenge that may come their way. Trendy Pooches is one such groomer. Based in Heswall, Trendy Pooches offers dog grooming services that guarantee flawless results, no matter the pooch. Recognised across the region for its dedication to ensuring that every dog under its watch emerges from its salon with an attentively trimmed coat, Trendy Pooches is an award-winning dog groomers whose knack for precision simply can’t be matched. No matter the breed, size, or shape of your pooch, Trendy Pooches is committed to seeing that they receive the pamper of a lifetime, whether they’re visiting for their regular groom, or seeking a one-off cut. Trendy Pooches thrives when shaping fur into neat, tidy styles that perfectly suit its VIPooches’ respective breeds, allowing it to accumulate a vast portfolio of examples for curious customers to explore. When taking a look at the wealth of previous experience that Trendy Pooches has to its name, you’ll find a plethora of pups smiling back at you, each with their coats groomed to utter perfection. From their ears, right down to their wagging tails, each dog entrusted to the care of Trendy Pooches receives exceptional care that extends beyond their groom. The team at Trendy Pooches is comprised of compassionate, dog-crazy people who live and breathe their profession, allowing them to deliver boundless cuts that really accentuate the natural beauty of each breed. It’s this eye for detail, combined with the groomers’ knowledge of how to manage such a wide array of fur textures, that attracts dog owners to the salon, but they stay for the friendly faces and considerate customer service. As expected from a business whose focus revolves around fashioning dogs into the most beautiful versions of themselves, Trendy Pooches doesn’t simply cut fur, but goes above and beyond to form an authentic relationship with pups and the owners alike. Grooming can be a nerve-wracking experience for more fearful dogs, so Trendy Pooches has established a method of grooming that accounts for any potential anxiety. Every dog is made to feel loved from the moment they trot through the doors, and will leave feeling refreshed, loved, and positively immaculate. Trendy Pooches is a small, yet compassionate, pet groomers that has provided the local area with a place where they can take their pups for a much needed pamper. Every dog deserves to be treated to a quality cut every now and then, no matter what type of coat they have, and Trendy Pooches is prepared to be the best possible choice for the job. It’s for this very reason that it has found itself earning its award-winning status, and we’re certain that it will only continue to bring happy smiles and wagging tails to the pets of Heswall throughout the coming year. Contact: Nicola Rawson Company: Trendy Pooches Web Address: https://www.facebook.com/ trendypoochesheswall?locale=en_GB