Q2 2019

10 | Q2 2019 Established in 1995, Generis Technology Limited has provided cost-effective solutions for Britain’s utilities market. On the back of their recognition in the SME Top 100 programme, we spoke with Dave Rice, Sales and Marketing Support Manager for Generis, to find out how they have become one of the leading companies in this highly competitive sphere. Generis Technology : Developing Leading Solutions for the Utilities Market Generis Technology has made its name through a commitment to creating innovative, reliable and effective solutions. As a result of this, they have amassed an impressive client base, comprised of some of the biggest names in the UK’s energy sector. Here Dave offers more insight into the firm’s services: “Generis specialises in Industry Messaging for the Gas industry for suppliers, shippers, meter asset managers, meter operators and retailers. Our solutions enable our clients to manage their data and processes to assure business efficiency alongside compliance to regulation with the additional vision of maintaining a market edge.” Crucially, Generis’ experience and in-depth knowledge has positioned them as experts when it comes to developing software that copes with the demands of an ever-changing industry. Looking to the future, and emphasising the challenges that are facing the industry, Dave continues, “At the moment, the biggest challenge facing the industry is the supply and installation of the requisite SMETS2 meters. As part of the Landis + Gyr Group, we have been at the forefront of developing software that will complement the roll out of smart meters, providing a service to process the Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) and Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) files necessary for energy suppliers to be able to deploy SMETS2 smart meters effectively, efficiently and above all, securely. In addition, we are also performing a key role in the provision of UTRN generation software (electronic top ups) for the Enrolment and Adoption programme for the integration of SMETS1 meters into the DCC framework.” Beyond the United Kingdom, the sale of our Meter Asset Management as a Service (MaMaaS), which crucially builds on the stability of and the investment in our market leading B-Smart platform, has plugged a regulatory hole in the Nordics AMI market with our first MaMaaS customer going live in early April with more customers in advanced talks for taking up the service offering. Finally, the conversation turns to the future of Generis Technology, as they look to expand into new areas. “We see prepayment and Pay-As-You-Go metering and such innovative offerings as an area that will expand in 2019 as the number of SMETS1 and SMETS2 meters enrolled into the UK’s DCC increases. Additionally, we are developing a suite of service options to help and support our customers in offering simple-to-use services for vulnerable customers and any that may face fuel poverty – this is high on our agenda utilising our System Based Prepayment solution.” Company: Generis Technology Limited Name: Dave Rice Address: Suite 4A, Manchester International Office Centre, Styal Road, Manchester, M22 5WB, United Kingdom Website: www.generis.co.uk Telephone: +44 (0)161 499 7686 Mar19300

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