Q2 2019

14 | Q2 2019 Lincoln & Rowe is a boutique specialist litigation law firm based in the heart of London. Earlier this year, the firm was recognised in the 2019 SME Legal Awards programme as the ‘Best Firm for Commercial Disputes’ in London. Following this well-deserved win, we profiled this exceptional firm to find out more. Relentless Legal Representation in Commercial Litigation There’s no easy route to success when you work in the legal sector. It hinges on hard work, continued development, noted expertise and a restlessness – a need to improve, be better, be the best. For firms and practitioners working in the field of commercial litigation, this need is heightened. After all, commercial disputes are rarely seamless, or easy. Indeed, they are often incredibly complex, and, by all regards, high-risk with settlements that often reach into the millions of pounds. Despite this difficulty, Lincoln & Rowe have swiftly forged a reputation based on extraordinary success across a plethora of commercial cases, including those that involve insolvency, partnerships issues, breach of contract and professional negligence. As Partner of Lincoln & Rowe, Dipesh Dosani remains the expert in the commercial sphere, with an established history of work that extends back to his time at two prominent West End London firms. Under Dosani’s guidance, the firm have a noted ability to achieve commercial objectives quickly, providing clear advice and creative solutions on complex legal issues. Of course, they don’t just work for the largest of corporations, and they are also happy to represent the interest of individuals and owner-managed enterprises, as well as national and international business based in both the UK and overseas, in a range of jurisdictions. In addition, they advise both claimants and defendants. It’s no surprise that Lincoln & Rowe have made the mark that they have on an industry which so rarely sees disruption. For their clients, they are relentless in their pursuit of the desired result, acting with speed and precision when it is needed, and diligence when careful consideration is required. Lincoln & Rowe have the experience and skill to best represent their client’s needs. For this, and with consideration to the commercial sector as a whole, they were recognised as one of the best in their field. Taking a look at their case history, it is clear to see why. Company: Lincoln & Rowe Address: 81 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1DD, United Kingdom Website: www.lincolnandrowe.com Telephone: +44 (0)20 3968 6030 Mar19343

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