Q2 2019

17 | Q2 2019 Apr19479 The marketing industry is a swiftly growing one, finding new avenues for growth in this technology-driven age. Equally, it is also an industry that is struggling to redefine itself in the wake of vast paradigm shifts. Some see it as a crucial element of their business, whilst others see it as a money-sink, a judgement burdened by historic misconceptions. Marketing is many things, and today it is certainly a very different beast to what it has been in the past. It has evolved, adapted and matured to become integral to sustained business growth. For SMEs in particular, it pays to have a finger on the pulse of your business and to understand that, occasionally, it needs an expert eye to see the problems that you don’t. As Gemma herself puts it, “the purpose of Gemma Angharad is to provide SMEs with a full and unbreakable strategy to create competitive advantages and stabilise future growth. The business exists because so many companies cope with structural fractures that go ignored, as nobody knows how to repair them so that they are completely solid again. Think of this as your 360-degree repair kit and a high-end builder - in one.” Highly motivated from the outset, Gemma specialises in companies that lack a return on investment in their marketing strategies, but to stop there would do a disservice to her breadth of expertise. “I often work with companies that have poor internal communication, with staff who don’t understand each other’s frustrations. They lack someone with theoretical and hands- on business experience – someone to be the central hub of the business. More than all of that, I’m highly result-driven, with a particular Gemma Angharad Unlocks the Secret to Success for UK SMEs To put it succinctly, Gemma Angharad is one of those rare talents in an industry that boasts of many. Yet, here, “marketing mastermind” proves a worthy moniker, highlighting Gemma’s strengths as a revolutionary tool for any SME currently in business – regardless of size, industry or location. Eager to find out more, we spoke to Gemma to pick her brains on what makes the world of modern business truly ‘tick’. talent for implementing growth-driven marketing.” “I can stop you wasting money on marketing that can be better spent elsewhere on things that ACTUALLY make you more profitable.” With a history of working with clients from a plethora of sectors, perhaps nothing acts as a more potent testimonial to her abilities than the fact that all of Gemma’s clients come from recommendations and repeat business. “I have clients in law, engineering, audiology & healthcare, manufacturing and security, all of which I adore working with. All of my clients contact me directly or come through word-of-mouth recommendations from other clients. They are all business owners, Managing Directors and CEOs.” Moreover, Gemma was recently awarded the ‘2019 Marketing Expert of the Year’ by CV Magazine, a well-deserved accolade by all considerations. “I have also published a small business growth book and co-authored another this year.” As you might imagine 2019 is a year of continuous improvement for Gemma as she looks to supplement her already impressive skillset through further study and professional development. “I have many more things planned for 2019. I am doing an MBA to compliment my existing mini Marketing one and this year I will become a Chartered Marketer through the CIM. I am also a STEM ambassador and CIM mentor which I will be more involved with as the year goes on.” In her closing comments, Gemma summarises her services and the business benefits her expertise offers. “My goal is to support more businesses in their growth by meeting their needs through appropriate, well-managed strategic marketing support and not exhausting their wallet. I want my clients to have more time off to relax and reduce their stress levels!” Company: Gemma Angharad Website: https://www.gemmaangharad.com/

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