Q2 2019

20 | Q2 2019 Apr19270 Kompli-Global have developed the world’s first networked, multi-jurisdictional, multi-lingual due diligence search platform. Following their recognition in the 2019 SME 100 programme as the ‘Most Innovative Provider of Comprehensive Intelligence on Organisations & Employees’, we spoke with Kompli-Global’s Chief Commercial Officer, Martin Pashley, to find out more. A World-Leader in Technology-Driven Due Diligence Solutions While the digital age has indeed offered many tools to businesses operating in markets around the world, it has also opened up a new avenue for bad actors and potential threats. By all regards, however, technology offers the solution, becoming a crucial weapon in a company’s arsenal, and protecting them from threats on all fronts. In this environment, Kompli-Global have differentiated themselves through their comprehensive, holistic approach to ensuring due diligence for their clients, as Martin explains in more detail: “Kompli-Global’s mission is to enable accurate, comprehensive, efficient and compliant global corporate due diligence. Kompli-Global use a combination of advanced AI driven technology and human expertise to fully identify corporate networks and alert you to potential risk indicators, bad actors and adverse events. “Our services reduce your exposure to fraud, mitigate against personal and corporate prosecution, protect your brand’s reputation and provide cost effective regulatory compliance.” Of particular note is Kompli-Global’s “Companies House” corporate registry, which delivers the ability “to connect and link the principal officers to other companies globally and identify their UBO’s, Directors, and Persons of Significant Control (PSC’s). In this, Kompli-Konnect is the world’s first and only AI driven, interconnected ‘Global Companies House’ registry, uncovering linked and connected entities. Once you have identified the principal controllers of a business and all their linked connections to the desired level of separation, Kompli-Risk Alert will provide early warning alerts to known potential risk indicators.” Crucially, Kompli-Global offer solutions to every regulated entity that needs to conduct due diligence on their clients as a mandatory requirement. “Our services are used by financial institutions such as banks, lenders, payment service providers and money transfer companied. We also service the online gaming sector, Legal, real-estate and advisory community.” Of course, the industry is not without its fair share of challenges. As Martin explains, for Kompli-Global, significant difficulty lies in making business owners and executives aware of the importance of being compliant. “Money laundering is the world’s 3rd biggest industry and it’s growing. Increased regulation and the need to be compliant are seen by many clients as an unnecessary cost rather than a preventative and ethical measure.” Martin concludes by offering some insight into Kompli-Global’s next steps, as they look to solidify their enviable position in the market. “We are actively targeting the USA and European markets whilst launching innovative new and unique products.” Company: Kompli-Global Name: Martin Pashley, Chief Commercial Officer Address: 1 Charterhouse Mews, London, EC1M 6BB, United Kingdom Website: https://www.kompli-global.com/ Telephone: 07900902421

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