Q2 2019

21 | Q2 2019 who make up the MySense family, and who ensure we are delivering a product that provides independence and wellbeing to all our clients. Our team consists of data scientists, engineers, testers, clinical researchers and a management team with a wealth of commercial experience. Without the expertise, commitment, and passion that our team provides, MySense would not be where it is today.” By all regards, the future of MySense is, in many ways, more exciting than their past as they look to accelerate their growth and expand into international markets. “As demand for MySense grows domestically, we are very optimistic about welcoming more clients into our family; so, growth in the UK is going to come naturally. However, we are also excited about taking our product to a global market and introducing it to Canada later this year. MySense is taking steps to ensure we are not only supporting wellbeing and independence in the UK, but in Canada and around the world.” Name: Lucie Glenday, CEO & Founder Address: 261 Lavender Hill, London, SW11 1JD, United Kingdom Website: www.mysense.ai May19159 MySense is a wellbeing analytics platform that learns an individual’s behavioural patterns to quickly identify declining health or immediate care needs. Following their recognition as the ‘Most Innovative Health & Wellbeing Analytics Platform’ in the 2019 SME 100 programme, we spoke with MySense’s CEO and Founder, Lucie Glenday, to find out more about the company and their innovative product. MySense : Giving Peace of Mind When You Need it Most There can be little doubt that technology is the great driver of change across the business landscape, as companies and entrepreneurs alike realise the benefits and opportunities that technology can offer. Occasionally, a company comes along that utilises technology in a way that seems, in hindsight, like it should have been done years ago - technology that is used to drastically improve quality of life and, in MySense’s case, quality of care. For Lucie, an entrepreneur with a vision to make a real difference in the sector, MySense seemed like the next logical step for an industry that had, in many ways, failed to keep up with the digital age. Further, worse, it had failed to adapt to the ever-growing ageing population and the challenges that, naturally, arrive alongside that. In the wake of this need and growing demand, MySense was born: “With MySense we provide peace of mind via real-time data and insights that lets caregivers, users and family members enjoy the reassurance that everything is OK, even when they are not present. Our predictive analytics help carers stay ahead of serious, but preventable, health issues, allowing them to take action before an individual takes a turn for the worse.” Lucie continues, explaining how their platform utilises a network of sensors installed throughout a property that gradually learn an individual’s patterns of behaviour. Once this baseline has been established, the artificial intelligence (AI) integration can alert a carer should any significant deviation from this pattern by detected. “Thanks to our AI platform, MySense is able to catch a shift in behaviour and alert nominated responders when necessary and helps them allocate resources when they are most needed 24/7. MySense is able to see what many of us miss. Subtle changes in daily patterns of activity are hard to detect, but often represent the development of a more concerning health issue.” Working primarily alongside privately-run retirement residences, government supported housing for older adults, and social care organisations, MySense have swiftly made their mark, building a reputation on the back of their diligent approach to their services and product. “We work with all groups that are aiming to provide a safer environment for people to live with the independence they deserve”, Lucie emphasises. “Our mission is to empower people to live as independently as possible, ensuring that whatever their health, mobility or age, they live to their full potential.” Fundamental to MySense’s success is their team. Here, Lucie takes a moment to discuss how her staff act as ambassadors to the company’s values, working every day to push the business forward. “Our staff represents the key to success for MySense. We have a strong group of individuals

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