Q2 2019

24 | Q2 2019 Apr19102 Based in Devon, The Edgeway Group are a committed team of digital specialists, creating cloud-based business solutions that are designed to be robust, highly scalable and future-proof from the outset. As the ‘Leading Innovators in Cloud-Based Business Management Solutions’ in the SME 100 programme, we spoke with Managing Director, Tony Edgcumbe, to find out more about their expertise, services and future. Future-Proofing Your Business Through Cloud- Based Digital Solutions Agile business solutions are in high demand as companies across the UK – and beyond – look to digital specialists to increase efficiency and speed up processes in an effort to stave off competition. In recent years, automation and work flow have become targeted as the way to ‘clean up’ a company’s operations, finding popularity among those that relish streamlining processes and freeing up resources that would be better allocated elsewhere. In this rather crowded sector, The Edgeway Group have differentiated themselves through an ability to fulfil the very individual needs of the client, creating truly personalised and bespoke solutions that avoid the all-too common ‘cookie- cutter’ approach, as Tony explains. “We create bespoke business management tools which are designed to improve efficiencies by automating and tracking workflow. All of our solutions are cloud based which allow our clients to manage their operations from anywhere in the world. “Ultimately, we are specialists in creating end to end admin automation, staff time management and resource planning. Our solutions provide in-depth business management information which allow our clients to make informed business decisions. To support our cloud-based tools we also design and build hardware for use in situ which is completely bespoke for the client and the task in hand. The majority of workflow and time management solutions use radio frequency identification and barcodes to negate human error.” “We focus on providing the solution which fits the precise needs of the client. Every business is different, with different constraints and challenges, and we create the solution to ensure they achieve their blue-sky vision.” This adaptability has proven an asset to the business, helping them to serve a broad range of clients, as Tony continues. “Our clients range from sole proprietors with under £50k turnover to multi- site global companies with turnovers exceeding £17m. All of our clients are by referral; we do not advertise our services.” Despite these significant achievements and burgeoning client-base, The Edgeway Group’s enduring success has, according to Tony, always been down to the strength of the core team, who often defy expectations and achieve goals that bely their relatively small size. “Our team is small but incredibly focused and dedicated to achieving, what other companies perceive to be, the impossible.” In some ways, the future of The Edgeway Group proves more fascinating than their past, as they look to expand into new ventures. Chief among these ventures is ‘mi:time’, as Tony takes a moment to explain in his closing comments. “2019 is an exciting year for us as we launch our time management program as a standalone product and company. mi:time management Ltd has been formed to support our time management software called mi:time. “Time management and schedule adherence can be difficult to manage especially for companies who are adopting the agile working model or if their staff work from multiple sites. mi:time caters for all types of companies, regardless of how they are structured or where their staff work, and can be accessed by various hardware, software and app solutions we have created.” Name: Tony Edgcumbe Website: https://www.edgewaygroup.com Telephone: 01752 946678

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