Q2 2019

26 | Q2 2019 Established in 2013, GF Genovate are one of the UK’s most experienced gas to power energy developers specialising in the development of flexible embedded and standby power solutions. Earlier in the year, the company was spotlighted in the 2019 SME 100 programme as the ‘Recognised Experts in Gas & Diesel Generator Installation Services’ in West Yorkshire. We spoke with the firm’s Managing Director and Owner, Alan Dempsey, who offered more insight into their solutions and services. Excelling in EPC Services for the Energy Industry The energy sector is a notoriously difficult market to disrupt, ingrained as it is into large-scale infrastructure, and dominated by a select few industry goliaths. Yet, despite this difficulty, GF Genovate has swiftly made a lasting mark on the energy landscape, becoming – in just six short years- a powerful force for innovation and development in an environment that seems slow and resistant to change in comparison. Tellingly, as Alan explains, Genovate’s company ethos is based around “meeting the needs of our customers”. “We evaluate each project and take a pragmatic engineering approach that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Our team are constantly developing and reviewing engineering estimates of energy savings for energy efficiency, renewable energy and demand response measures and programs. We continue to develop and acquire new projects in the UK and have a long-term commitment to the ongoing deployment of low carbon gas to power technologies in the UK.” “Moreover, as new energy sources and technologies emerge, and power becomes decentralised, we’re helping organisations around the UK use the freedom this creates to achieve their objectives. We provide insights, expertise and an effective solution to enable our clients to take control of their energy sources and gain competitive advantage – innovating performance, resilience and UK growth.” In this GF Genovate act like an accelerator, driving the entire industry forwards into the future as Alan discusses in more detail. “In a changing energy landscape, we help our customers unlock the power to realise their ambitions. We are already operating, servicing and maintaining more than 810MWe of energy equipment around the UK, from retail and manufacturing to health and education.” Alan continues, detailing where Genovate has truly distinguished itself from any peers and competitors. “One of the areas we’ve specialised in is generator installation. GF Genovate can supply the products and highly-skilled staff to meet all power generation installation needs. Whether it’s a single unit, or large multi-set parallel system for high power requirements. We ensure that we work alongside customers to make sure that they understand and budget for the essential generator servicing costs, minimising generator repairs and maximising generator reliability. “In much the same vein, we can also provide remote monitoring services which gives the customer online access to their genset 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The GF Genovate control system guarantees that any issues are picked up and rectified before their hour of need.” But GF Genovate’s services go far beyond that, with an ability to cater to the largest of energy demands. “With Market Specific Solutions, our scope of supply ranges from the supply of an engine, through to the EPC turn-key- installation of a multi-generator power plant. Our intelligent energy solutions draw upon the latest industry innovations and technologies to deliver products ranging from 20kWe to 49.9MWe. Our Solutions often help reduce carbon emissions, fuel efficiency and are cost effective. Our Innovative applications include natural gas with combined Mar19433 “W bac sup ethi highly-trained team o commissioning and - Alan Dempsey, summarisi

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