Q2 2019

Q2 2019 | 27 Excelling in EPC Services for the Energy Industry focus on delivering quality installations, ed up with reliable, accountable aftersales ort. We have a culture of integrity and high al standards. GF Genovate has a dedicated, sales, engineering, project management, aintenance staff deployed around the UK.” g GF Genovate’s strengths heat and power (CHP) utilising bio-gas gas, or high efficiency diesel-fuelled power generation. We are the UK’s authorised distributor and service provider for SIEMENS’s reciprocating gas engine plants.” It would be a mistake to not mention Genovate’s considerable efforts in sustainability which includes a comprehensive Environmental Management System (accredited to ISO14001), and Corporate Social Responsibility policy. The latter is of particular note, detailing the company’s significant investment in their internal talent, attributing roughly 2.5 times more than the average UK SME training budget per head. This commitment certainly shows, evident in the expertise of their team and in the standard of their customer service. Then again, this is just par for the course for GF Genovate as they continue to offer their services to an ever-burgeoning client base. As such, the future of the company can be defined by a ‘continuation’ as they look to reinforce their enviable position in the market. Company: GF Genovate Name: Alan Dempsey, Managing Director and Owner Address: Gibraltar Island Road, Leeds, LS10 1RJ, United Kingdom Website: https://www.greenfroggenovate.com/ Telephone: 0800 689 0597

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