Q2 2019

29 | Q2 2019 Apr19313 Achieve Physiotherapy is an innovative firm providing expert assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for all aspects of pain and injury. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind the success it enjoys today. Achieve Physiotherapy : Expert Care When You Need It Most With clinics in Birmingham and Solihull, Achieve Physiotherapy is able to support a broad range of clients, from professional athletes performing at the highest level, to general members of the public with pain and discomfort. Specialising in a wide range of treatments including spinal pain, pre/ post-natal pain, sports performance, sports injuries and other non-sport related issues, the firm is able to meet the needs of a wide range of patients and offer them the support they need to enjoy a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. Thanks to its background in professional football and elite performance, Achieve Physiotherapy’s mission is to make Premier League standards of treatment and rehabilitation available to everyone. Their ability to produce outstanding results, often where others have failed, is reflected in their glowing customer reviews. Initially, the firm’s treatment and rehabilitation philosophy were developed in the testing and demanding environment of Professional Football. Working with some of the leading specialists in pain and injury means that Achieve Physiotherapy’s expert team have been able to experience and learn from leading experts in multiple disciplines including physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, massage and myofascial specialists, podiatry, strength and conditioning. Using these principals, the firm’s team have merged the best aspects of each to create a holistic and multi-faceted treatment approach that produces outstanding results. Ultimately, over the years Achieve Physiotherapy has been able to help more people eliminate pain and lead life on their terms after opening its second clinic in 2018. Looking ahead, the team plan to continue on their quest to help as many people as possible by opening a third clinic in 2019, and are excited by the prospect of the opportunities this will offer. Contact: Rickie Lovell Website: https://www.achievephysiotherapy.co.uk/

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