Q2 2019

30 | Q2 2019 It is the goal of every company to reach a point in their lifecycle that necessitates expansion. It’s one of those most fundamental of business touchstones, adding a touch of legitimacy that you’ve achieved true, measurable success. Yet achieving growth isn’t easy, especially in this challenging economic environment. Perhaps you feel like you’re treading water, not making progress, staying in one place. Yet, you’ve got a steady stream of loyal customers, you have active social media profiles, you’re promoting yourself in the right markets, and expanding your network. You are doing all of the right things but achieving little in the way of results. Whether you need to invest in your team – encouraging continued professional development – or expand your premises to allow for more footfall, most effective avenues require cash flow and expenditure. However, as business-focussed, client-centric alternative finance providers, Capify are on hand to offer a helping hand to SMEs across the UK. Every business owner and entrepreneur understands the importance of flexibility – to have that little bit of leeway when you need it most. It’s not normally a quality you associate with financial establishments, those seemingly faceless entities with unyielding deadlines and rigid criteria, but Capify hope to be different. They hope to establish new best practices in a sector which has, arguably, lost its consumer- focussed touch. Looking for Short-Term Finance to Fund the Growth of Your Business? Ultimately, flexibility and simplicity define Capify’s offerings. Their merchant cash advance is catered Need to Kick-Start Your Company’s Growth? entirely to your business, ensuring that you only pay when you can afford to do so. Merchant cash advances are considered one of the most innovative products in today’s alternative business finance sector, seeing increasing popularity in the retail environment. A merchant cash advance uses your card terminal to secure lending so it’s a great solution for businesses without many assets, but who have a good volume of card transactions every month. Repayments are then taken as a proportion of your revenue, making it a quick and easy funding solution for many SMEs. At the end of each working day, a small percentage of your credit and debit card takings will be paid towards your repayments. If you have a slow day, you won’t pay back much; on a busy day however, you’ll repay slightly more. It’s finance that doesn’t impact your cash flow. In this way, it is ideal for any business that accepts credit and debit cards, such as retailers, pubs, bars and restaurants, offering an alternative path to those that want to kick-start that next step for growth. In this uncertain economic climate, this flexibility and control cannot be overlooked, and looks to differentiate the company from a wealth of competitors and alternatives. Capify – A Business You Can Trust It would be remiss to skip over Capify’s pedigree in the alternative finance market. With over ten years in the industry they recently received funding from Goldman Sachs Private Capital in light of their success in US markets. Today, they have established a robust presence in the UK, becoming renowned for their client-centric approach to their work. Despite all of this, Capify make considerable efforts to ensure they stay true to their clients, embracing a sort of grassroots philosophy to – simply – help their clients achieve the growth that they need to flourish. Capify have built a reputation on the back of a best in class client service that aims to offer supportive, expert guidance throughout the transaction and Feb19565 “We only get paid when you do.”

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